Busy Busy!

Woah…sorry for the distinct lack of fizzsbizz postage today! The forces were aligned against me having time with my computer.  After another not so great night of sleep and an early work day, this morning was spent rushing around trying to make it out the door in time!  And my little buddy at work was especially in need of ‘fizzertainment’ allllllll day! He’s usually pretty good at occupying himself for a little while (which I think is good for him) but today it was all me.  Good thing he’s so cute!

I had an interesting lunch of three mini sea salt breadsticks (weird!) and lots of cubes of watermelon.  Mmmmmmmm watermelon!


It’s food and a drink all in one!

A little update… I am now on day 4 of my awesome pre-wedding sickness and I think I might be feeling a little better.  Although, I now have a delightful hacking chesty cough to go with my nice congestion and sweet puffy eye bags.  It also means that today is day 4 of no exercise and it’s killing me!

Getting in a good workout most days (actually, it doesn’t even have to be a good one, just a workout) really has a positive affect on all other areas of my life.  I feel good, my mood improves, I have better self esteem and I feel like I’ve accomplished something for myself in the day.  These past coupla days, not so much! But I’m listening to my body and giving it some rest and hoping that tomorrow I’ll be able to do a little something!

But even though I feel like this on the inside…

Sad face


(Photo Source)

I can’t help but be doing lots of this on the outside…

Smiles for miles!

Smiles for miles!!

Because there are now officially only 3 working days standing between me and Hawaii!! (And Saturday, but that hardly counts)!

This afternoon was spent rushing home to let Annie out, quickly changing, jumping on the muni and heading downtown for my FINAL WEDDING DRESS FITTING!!

My final fitting went off without a hitch and the hem length is perfect! Phew! There was a beautiful girl in the salon today trying on dresses for the first time.  She looked especially gorgeous in one of them, so of course I told her and we chatted for a while.  It reminded me of my first dress trying on appointment way back in November and how long ago that seems now!! Time flies!!

Things are still being checked off the list but at least it seems to be getting smaller!

Pack mason jars

Make ‘bikini ready’ appointment

Figure out tips for vendors

Get hair done


Print out flight/hotel reservation info

Get more for Annie for pet sitters

It’s getting there!!

Plans for tonight are a bit up in the air.  We were supposed to be meeting one of Chris’ friends for a drink and dinner in half an hour but he is yet again, stuck in Silicon Valley.  Come on Caltrain, sort your s%#$ out!

So I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what time he gets home.  Until then, have a good evening!



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