Weird night!

Good morning world! Happy hump day to you all (or happy day-after-hump-day to my family)!

Well last night was a weird one! It didn’t start out that way though.  Chris ended up making it home in time for us to head over to Pacific Heights and meet up with our friend in the city Erin, and Tasha who was visiting from D.C and whom I hadn’t actually met yet! She was great! She actually just got married a couple of months ago in Montana and we were really upset that we couldn’t make it, so it was fun to have some quality wedding chit chat and hear about married life.

We went to a cute place called ‘Frankie’s’, had a beer, a good catch up and a wonderful delight called a ‘Brambory’.  It was basically a hash made out of sausage and meatballs, potato and cheese.  Healthy? No way.  Delicious? You betcha.  It was actually not much food at all and Chris and I split it so I didn’t feel sooooo bad about it!

We made it home at about 9 ish and settled in for some New Girl watching.  Before heading up to bed, I downed a nice hot cup of CVS’s version of ‘Theraflu’ which I guess knocked me out pretty damn well!

And then the weirdness began…

At about 11:30 (after feeling like I’d slept for a million hours when it was actually only an hour) I heard the TV go on.  I was insanely groggy and the following thoughts flowed through my brain parts “Is it morning already? > Why is it still dark outside?> Is the clock broken?> Wow, I’m so comfortable right now > Where’s Chris?> Oh hi Annie!”.  And then I fell back into my cold medicine slumber.  A little while later (actually I don’t really know how late is was) Chris came back into bed said something about Annie being crazy and went to sleep.

This morning I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it all! But I guess here’s what really happened…apparently Annie was going crazy jumping and playing and barking in the bed (I guess I slept right through this) so Chris took her downstairs so she wouldn’t wake me up and turned on the TV.  She then decided she was fine, came back upstairs and got into bed with me, curled up and went to sleep.  Oh Annie!  Then eventually Chris came back up to bed too and told me what happened but I only heard “crazy Annie”.  Yes, this is a pretty pointless story but it’s just so weird when things happen at night and you’re not even entirely sure that they did!

Since we brought Annie home from the shelter there have definitely been a lot of restless nights of sleep, and a lot of curse words muttered under our breath.  But then, we wake up and see this…and all is forgiven.


Good morning Annie!

Moving on… I woke up feeling a bit better today (hooray!) and so decided it was time for some light exercise.



I had thought about doing a circuit workout but figured I should at least try to keep my body temperature somewhat stable.  Since I could always use a little stretching in my life, I decided on a quick 30 minute mellow flow yoga courtesy of the On Demand fitness channel!  I spread out my pink mat, (which is looking a little worse for wear) and worked my way through the relaxing yoga moves for a nice stretched, zen half hour.  I added 20 push ups and 20 tricep dips to finish off for the day.  This morning combined with walking the kids to music class this afternoon will be a good ‘come-back’ workout!

Now I am showered and enjoying a nice cup of tea and some oats and muesli combined with Chobani greek yogurt, some honey and walnuts.


Breakfasty Goodness!

Plans for today include work and then the Hawaii packing begins!


Have a great day everyone!


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