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Weekly Workout Wrap Up!

This afternoon, the dreariness continued.  It was officially a rainy day in the Bay!


Due to the rain, my run for the day was out of the cards.  I decided a workout DVD would be perfect for today!  I perused my vast collection of DVD’s and decided that an Insanity workout would do the trick nicely.


(Photo Source)

I opted for Cardio Core and Balance today.  Nothing, and I mean nothing makes me sweat like Insanity does.  I love these workouts.  I would do the full Insanity course if I didn’t get bored so easily of doing the same thing, but nevertheless, I love popping one of these in to work up a really good sweat!

The Cardio Core and Balance routine included a lot of core work (bet you didn’t guess that from the title) and lots of air punching! Air punches are one of my favourite things to do in a workout, I love really crunching in my core and feeling like a crazed boxer woman! I usually have the most ridiculous face when I’m fake boxing, a mix between happiness and pain.  Anyone else??

Boxing Ridiculousness!

With my workout done for today, I thought it would be a good idea to start a Weekly Workout Wrap up on Fridays.

Here’s what my week looked like;

Saturday; 2.6 Mile run

Sunday; 3 Mile walk

Monday; 4.5 Mile run + 25 Push Ups + 50 Crunches

Tuesday; Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred level 3

Wednesday; 9 Minute Plank Workout + Scissor Crunches

Thursday; Off

Friday; Insanity!


Lunch today was a pretty simple affair!

I opted for a whole wheat tortilla topped with deli ham, muenster cheese and sliced red peppers.

Ham, cheese, puh lease!

I paired it with a couple of baby carrots and called it a day!

Widdle babies!

A simple, yet effective lunch!


Tonight I picked Chris up from the Caltrain station in Millbrae and we headed on down to Pacifica so Chris could buy a new stomp pad for his board.  We decided that since we were down there, we’d grab some dinner at one of our favourite places, The Surf Spot. I didn’t snap any photos because I decided to be offline for the evening’s meal but we enjoyed a charcuterie plate and some portobello spears followed by a delicious, delicious, delicious pizza! I also had a moscow mule (vodka with ginger beer) and Chris had the special margarita that was made with jalapeno simple syrup! Yum!

Now we’re planning on having a nice relaxing night.

I hope you’re all having an awesome Friday evening!


What did your weekly workout look like? DId you manage to get in a day or two? Let me know! We’re all in this together! 







Fancy Shmancy Date Night!

Last night was an extra fun fancy shmancy date night for Chris and I.  We had been saving our credit card cash back rewards to go out for a nice dinner and it just so happened that last night was the night!

Living in San Francisco, we are spoiled for choice with amazing restaurants.  We decided to choose one we hadn’t been to before, and we were both searching for the same thing; great food, cozy interior and a generally great time.  We went over the list of places on our ‘to do’ list and were both in favor of ‘La Folie‘ on Polk Street, so ‘La Folie’ it was!

I was excited to be able to wear a new dress I originally bought for our time in Hawaii but didn’t actually get a chance to wear!

Blue lace dress…

I like this dress because it’s business in the front….


With just a touch of sass in the back.  Love a little bit of back sass!

After some prepping, Chris and I were ready for our fancy date night.

Date night!

We headed off to ‘La Folie’ where we both decided on the four-course meal.  Four courses!!! I was nervous at the anticipation of stomaching four whole courses!  Luckily, I suffered through it 😉

We started off with an ‘amuse bouche’ of turnip soup with egg yolk served in an egg shell with a little pice of brioche and a super thin potato chip! Yum!

Egg yolk and turnip soup…

I was then delivered pumpkin soup, which was served with homemade marshmallows and butternut squash gnocchi.

Pumpkin soup with gnocchi and marshmallows

My second course was Butter poached lobster served with a frisee salad, on top of a giant ravioli!

Butter poached lobster!

My third course was duck breast that was supposed to be served with a duck confit.  Unfortunately, my garlic allergy led me to being served two ginormous duck breasts.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love duck but even I can’t eat that much Daffy!

A whooolle lotta duck!

And finally the last course, ohhhh dessert.  My dessert was delicious!  I opted for the classic chocolate fondant with chocolate ganache and a super thin strawberry biscuit, it was yum yum!

Chocolate fondant with chocolate ganache..and deliciousness!

And then (as if we hadn’t had enough) we were served a plate of delicious petit fours.

Petit Fours

The petit fours might have actually been my favourite part of the whole dinner, they were amazing!

Our date night was awesome! BUT we weren’t entirely blown away.  I think that might be one downfall of living in San Francisco, extremely high expectations! But we had a lot of fun and it was nice to get dressed up and enjoy the night, and a couple of glasses of wine…

Wine lover!

Overall, ‘La Folie’ was great, but not the best meal we have ever had.  Would I go back? Yup! In a heartbeat? Maybe not.

Happy Thursday folks!

I hope some of you got to or get to dress up for a night on the town!

Date night!

Hearty Lentil Soup.

So what was the mystery dinner? Did you guess?

Lentil Soup!

It felt like the perfect (almost) wintry feeling day to cook up a big (and I mean big) batch of soup.  As far as soups go, like most things; cookies, KitKats etc. I like em’ chunky! The more good chunky stuff in there, the better in my books.

So I assembled the goodies…

Lentil soup mixin’s

And got to work in the kitchen!

Now, let me start by saying that this soup was good and I mean really good! It even got Chris’s seal of approval (not always easy to get!). I think one of the things that really took this soup over the top was the inclusion of…salsa! I got the idea to use salsa from Erica House and I must say, it was a game changer. My recipe is adapted from her lentil and spinach soup which you can find here.

Hearty Lentil Soup 

Yields A lot of soup Approx 10 Servings 

What You Need;

1 1/2 Cups chopped carrots

1 large chopped Onion

2 Tbs Olive Oil

3 Cups Water

3 Cups Unsalted Cooking broth (I used chicken, but vegetable would also be great!)

1 16oz Tub of Salsa (I used medium which gave a nice heat, but the brave could use hot)

1 1/4 Cups of rinsed, uncooked Green Lentils

Salt and Pepper to taste.

What You Do;

In a heavy pot or dutch oven (I used our le creuset which I loveeee), heat the oil over medium high heat.

Add the carrots and onion and allow to cook until tender.

Once tender, add the water, cooking broth, lentils and salsa to the mix.  Stir to combine.

Bring the mixture to a boil, then turn to low heat, cover and simmer until lentils are tender (approx 60 mins).

Add salt and pepper to taste and dish out generous portions!

Serve alone or like we did in the McD house, with half a toasted, buttered whole grain english muffin.


Cooking Away…

And now for the best part…

Eating time!!

This recipe was definitely a winner and had Chris and I both going back for seconds.

I hope it warms a chilly night for you all out there!

See you tomorrow!