Fancy Shmancy Date Night!

Last night was an extra fun fancy shmancy date night for Chris and I.  We had been saving our credit card cash back rewards to go out for a nice dinner and it just so happened that last night was the night!

Living in San Francisco, we are spoiled for choice with amazing restaurants.  We decided to choose one we hadn’t been to before, and we were both searching for the same thing; great food, cozy interior and a generally great time.  We went over the list of places on our ‘to do’ list and were both in favor of ‘La Folie‘ on Polk Street, so ‘La Folie’ it was!

I was excited to be able to wear a new dress I originally bought for our time in Hawaii but didn’t actually get a chance to wear!

Blue lace dress…

I like this dress because it’s business in the front….


With just a touch of sass in the back.  Love a little bit of back sass!

After some prepping, Chris and I were ready for our fancy date night.

Date night!

We headed off to ‘La Folie’ where we both decided on the four-course meal.  Four courses!!! I was nervous at the anticipation of stomaching four whole courses!  Luckily, I suffered through it 😉

We started off with an ‘amuse bouche’ of turnip soup with egg yolk served in an egg shell with a little pice of brioche and a super thin potato chip! Yum!

Egg yolk and turnip soup…

I was then delivered pumpkin soup, which was served with homemade marshmallows and butternut squash gnocchi.

Pumpkin soup with gnocchi and marshmallows

My second course was Butter poached lobster served with a frisee salad, on top of a giant ravioli!

Butter poached lobster!

My third course was duck breast that was supposed to be served with a duck confit.  Unfortunately, my garlic allergy led me to being served two ginormous duck breasts.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love duck but even I can’t eat that much Daffy!

A whooolle lotta duck!

And finally the last course, ohhhh dessert.  My dessert was delicious!  I opted for the classic chocolate fondant with chocolate ganache and a super thin strawberry biscuit, it was yum yum!

Chocolate fondant with chocolate ganache..and deliciousness!

And then (as if we hadn’t had enough) we were served a plate of delicious petit fours.

Petit Fours

The petit fours might have actually been my favourite part of the whole dinner, they were amazing!

Our date night was awesome! BUT we weren’t entirely blown away.  I think that might be one downfall of living in San Francisco, extremely high expectations! But we had a lot of fun and it was nice to get dressed up and enjoy the night, and a couple of glasses of wine…

Wine lover!

Overall, ‘La Folie’ was great, but not the best meal we have ever had.  Would I go back? Yup! In a heartbeat? Maybe not.

Happy Thursday folks!

I hope some of you got to or get to dress up for a night on the town!

Date night!


4 thoughts on “Fancy Shmancy Date Night!

  1. Denise

    Wow that sounded like one yummy meal! Um marshmallows and pumpkin soup? Not knocking it till I try it, but just sounds a little odd. Nothing ever odd about chic fondant! And you looked so sparkly pretty! Love mum x

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