Rock N Roll?

Work today brought me another dose of wisdom courtesy of Charlie Brown.  I swear, you can learn so much from children’s books.  If you haven’t read one in a while, I highly suggest picking one up, flipping through the pages and having your mind blown!

Go on, try it!

Today, I stumbled upon this little gem…

Charlie Brown Goes to School

Amen, Charlie Brown! It just so happened that a few minutes after reading this, I stumbled upon this…

SF Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon!

(Photo Source)

Was it a sign?? The Rock N Roll Half Marathon is coming to San Francisco! I’ve heard lots of good things about the Rock N Roll series and it sounds like a fun way to start!  It’s not until April 7th so that would give me almost a full 5 months to get ready.  I’m definitely going to see how I go next week in my first ever 5K and if I even like the whole race experience, but I’m keeping this in the back of my mind.  I hear you loud and clear Charlie Brown!

Message for today…try something new!


Lunch today was another delicious helping of last night’s lentil soup.  I love having leftovers, especially leftovers that taste even better the next day.  Best!

Lentil Soup 2.0!

Bonus Workout…

I love Wednesdays because I always get a little bonus exercise in.  Wednesday is music class day for the little ones which means I get in a hilly 3 mile walk with a double stroller and two kids who are continuously getting bigger and heavier! Pushing a double stroller uphill is no joke.  After the plank workout this morning, my arms were seriously sore!

Another little extra bonus was that it was a beautiful afternoon and I got to walk the kids home in the famous California ‘glow’.  If you haven’t experienced California in the fall/autumn, you are missing out!

California dreaming..

Now I am back home and about to start thinking about what to wear tonight because Chris and I have a special date night planned!

We have been saving up our cash back rewards from our credit cards to go out for a fancy shmancy dinner, and tonight’s the night. Woop Woop!

I hope you all have some nice plans for your Wednesday night!




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