Married Moment!

Hi everyone out there! I hope your Tuesday is going swimmingly. Mine sure is!


Lunch today was a packed lunch courtesy of dinner last night.  I gave myself a little extra time before heading off to work to whip up a nice healthy lunch to enjoy with the kiddies.

Steak salad.

Steak salad…oxymoron?? I paired the left over chunks slices of steak with some baby spinach, baby carrots and sliced red peppers.  I dressed it all with a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  It was nutritious and delicious! Bonus!

I also made sure to pack one of my peanut butter energy bites to get me through the afternoon.  It worked a treat! I’m not sure how I ever lived without these babies.  Energy and taste galore!!

Today was another gorgeous day in the city, so I made sure to spend some good time outside with the kiddies.  Clear blue skies and cold weather calls for one thing…fur!

Fur day!

Love wearing my cozy jackets.  I’m just going to put it out there…’it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’!! (Yes I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but a girl can dream!).

In amongst all the loving I was laying on San Francisco today, something exciting/funny/creepy happened.  Chris and I had a full-blown ‘married moment’.  We had the exact same thought at the exact same time!! We were texting back and forward to see what we should do this weekend (yes, we live for the weekends).  And then this happened…

Married moment!

It really happened! We’re meant to be! Orrr we’re both just really craving a trip to Santa Cruz, one or the other.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited about it.


I got home from work close to 5 today which is about an hour past my usual mental workout cut off  time but I was really feeling the motivation today! Since it was already getting dark outside, it was the perfect time for a workout DVD.  So, I spent half an hour with my girl Jillian Michaels.

Hey Jillian! Wanna hang out?? 

I did Jillian’s ’30 Day Shred’ and opted to go all out with level 3.  It felt great to do this workout, it’s quick but it’s sweaty and hard!! As usual, the jump squats and rock star jumps nearly left me in a sweaty pile on the ground but I pushed through and finished it up.  I love that you can just pop a DVD in the machine and get a good workout, ahh technology!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m a sweaty beast.  I’m off to shower before Chris comes home and decides there will be no more married moments because he married an animal.  Just kidding! He loves me no matter how much I look and/or smell like a troll, true love!

I’m also working on some dinner using these things…


What could it be?? Swing by later on to find out!






3 thoughts on “Married Moment!

  1. Denise

    Awwww that is cute! My goodness you are a good and interesting cook. Sure don’t get that from me. Goodonya!!! Mum x

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