Hearty Lentil Soup.

So what was the mystery dinner? Did you guess?

Lentil Soup!

It felt like the perfect (almost) wintry feeling day to cook up a big (and I mean big) batch of soup.  As far as soups go, like most things; cookies, KitKats etc. I like em’ chunky! The more good chunky stuff in there, the better in my books.

So I assembled the goodies…

Lentil soup mixin’s

And got to work in the kitchen!

Now, let me start by saying that this soup was good and I mean really good! It even got Chris’s seal of approval (not always easy to get!). I think one of the things that really took this soup over the top was the inclusion of…salsa! I got the idea to use salsa from Erica House and I must say, it was a game changer. My recipe is adapted from her lentil and spinach soup which you can find here.

Hearty Lentil Soup 

Yields A lot of soup Approx 10 Servings 

What You Need;

1 1/2 Cups chopped carrots

1 large chopped Onion

2 Tbs Olive Oil

3 Cups Water

3 Cups Unsalted Cooking broth (I used chicken, but vegetable would also be great!)

1 16oz Tub of Salsa (I used medium which gave a nice heat, but the brave could use hot)

1 1/4 Cups of rinsed, uncooked Green Lentils

Salt and Pepper to taste.

What You Do;

In a heavy pot or dutch oven (I used our le creuset which I loveeee), heat the oil over medium high heat.

Add the carrots and onion and allow to cook until tender.

Once tender, add the water, cooking broth, lentils and salsa to the mix.  Stir to combine.

Bring the mixture to a boil, then turn to low heat, cover and simmer until lentils are tender (approx 60 mins).

Add salt and pepper to taste and dish out generous portions!

Serve alone or like we did in the McD house, with half a toasted, buttered whole grain english muffin.


Cooking Away…

And now for the best part…

Eating time!!

This recipe was definitely a winner and had Chris and I both going back for seconds.

I hope it warms a chilly night for you all out there!

See you tomorrow!






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