Annie Given Sunday.

Well, someone in the McD household had a little too much fun at Buddy Pete’s farewell last night.  Let’s see if you can guess who it was by our breakfasts this morning…

My Breakfast…

Smiley face breakfast!

Whole grain toasted english muffin with peanut butter, banana slices and a little drizzle of honey.

Chris’s Breakfast…


Egg, sausage and cheese on a delicious greasy croissant.

Annie’s Breakfast…

Chomp! Chomp!

Rawhide stick.

You guessed it?! Annie got craaazzzyyyy last night!! Nawww just kidding, a certain husband buddy of mine had a little too much fun last night which sent us on a search for a big greasy hunk-o-egg sandwich this morning.  And, we succeeded in Potrero Hill at Hazel’s Kitchen. Thanks Hazel!

A lot of relaxing and general Sunday laziness followed breakfast.  With Chris not quite feeling 100%, we passed some time with one of our favourite activities…Annie games!

Warning! Annie montage to follow…prepare for cuteness.

Annie Scarf…

Annie Kisses

Shoulder Rides!

Laying some love on my lady..

And that concludes today’s episode of Annie Given Sunday! Poor Annie, she’s such a mellow sweetie that she will literally let us do anything to her as long as she gets hugs and kisses.

When we were finally up and about, I proceeded to do a little cleaning and, BIG news…I cleaned out all my wedding stuff! The magazines, the old leftover invitations, the notebooks of prices, comparisons etc are no longer in the building.  And I have to tell you…it feels awesome! The post wedding blues is slowly but surely fading away.  Success!

Following the clean out, we headed back on out to Ocean Beach to grab some lunch, check out a surf shop and say a proper goodbye to Buddy Pete who’s starting his drive to Maine tomorrow to do some awesome work with Mountain Rider’s Alliance for the winter. Drive safe Buddy!


Lunch was had at Beachside today and, as always, it was delicious! I opted for the fish tacos and a ginger ale and Chris and I split a side of mac and cheese.

Fish taco delight!

We left Beachside feeling full and happy!

When lunch had been had, new surfboards had been bought (yay for Chris!) and goodbyes had been said, Chris, Annie and I headed home with a little pit stop for the getting of some groceries.

We decided to stop on the way home instead of going to our usual Safeway.  Due to the fact that we also needed a Petco to get Annie supplies, we ended up shopping at Lucky supermarket for the first time. We were soooooo happy with this place! It was cheaper, you could actually get a trolley, the produce was plentiful and the people were so nice and helpful! A welcome change from our usual supermarket.  And now I’m happy to report that the fridge is full again! Hooray!

Full Fridge!!

Yogurt again! Hooray!!  And now I want to make something…hmmm what to make?

So our Sunday was nice and mellow, perfect beautiful Sunday in the bay.

I hope you all had an equally relaxing day or a fun action packed Sunday.  Enjoy your night everyone!







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