Pancake Saturday!

Good weekend morning to you all!

I hope everyone had a nice Friday night out there.  Chris and I grabbed some nice Japanese from a place around the corner.  I had a spicy udon noodle bowl while sipping on a spicy ginger limeade (lemon, lime and cayenne pepper).  Can you tell I was trying to open up the old sinuses? Well, it kinda worked, hooray!



This morning started off with a nice run.  It was a chilly morning here in San Francisco (chilly but sunny clear skies, perfect almost winter day!) so I decided it would be a good chance to try out my new things from yesterday! I suited up, laced up and headed out with the intention of just going until I felt uncomfortable (still not feeling quite up to scratch).

Ready to run…

I ended up doing about 2.7 miles (my run keeper stopped working after 1 mile).  I actually felt surprisingly good and strong which was nice, although by the end my sinuses were pounding almost out of my head.  More cayenne!

When I got to my turn around point at AT&T park, there was a lot of commotion and police cars around.  I looked around and started to see people in all kinds of crazy costumes! I was thinking ‘what in the worllldddd?’ and then I saw this…

Red Bull Flugtag!

Then I had one of those “ohhhhhh” moments when I remembered that the Red Bull Flugtag is in town today! How exciting!! Their first flight is at 1pm today, so I think it will definitely be worth a look.  Judging by the look of some of the contraptions, they definitely will not be flying which will make for some awesome spectating!

I was so so happy with my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 8’s.  They were lightweight but had enough support around my ankles which I really need.  Stoked with those bad boys.


When I returned from my run, I was in the mood for one thing and one thing only for breakfast today.  Pancake Saturday! It’s all about balance right??

I used some Bob’s Red Mill Wholegrain Buttermilk Pancake Mix  and set Chris and I up with a nice pancake station.

Pancake Saturday!

While I usually opt for the standard butter and syrup pancake topper, I like to have options! My favourite for today was the nutella/sliced banana topping.  Yummmm delish!


Now that the dishes are done and the pancakes are sitting happily in my belly, I’m off to shower because I smell like a foot.  Plans for today include some flugtag watching and a farewell for our buddy Pete out at the beach.

Happy Saturday everyone!




2 thoughts on “Pancake Saturday!

  1. Julliette

    Hi Fizz, love reading your blog. I am about to head off for a nice breakfast in Perth. The morning walk up to Kings Park has a very steep hill and my reward is Pancakes with Lemon and Sugar.

    1. fizzhiser Post author

      Ohh I love lemon and sugar. We were sadly out of lemons otherwise they definitely would have been on the table! I’m glad someone else is enjoying pancake goodness!


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