Technical Difficulties..

Sorry for my absence last night, I was experiencing some serious technical difficulties, wherein my computer decided not to import any of my photos from the afternoon/night.  A blog post with no photos?? No bueno!

What you missed…

After getting home from work yesterday, I spent some quality time with my best dog buddy and did a quickie workout.  I did three rounds of my Quick Full Body Energizer Workout to get the blood pumping!

After showering, I was waiting for Chris to come home so that we could run out and do some errands we had planned.  What happened instead was Annie and I going out on a rescue mission; Operation rescue Chris from Palo Alto! A train ahead of his (yet again) struck a car on the tracks, and so it was an indefinite standstill for all north bound trains. So Annie and I loaded into the car and headed off to save him, and grab some dinner! When Chris was saved, we headed off to Pizza My Heart for a couple of slices before heading back home.

And that was that!


This morning I have one exciting thing and one sad thing to share with you.  Which first?? Exciting!

I received this in the mail yesterday…

Squaw/Alpine Pass! Woop Woop!

My ski pass for the season! Exciting times! Well, at least it will be exciting times when I buy some new ski boots that don’t make me want to cry all day.

And now the sad one…

I ran out of this this morning…

Moroccan Oil AKA Liquid Gold!

Noooooo! Moroccan Oil is my all time favourite hair product.  It leaves your hair silky and shiny with absolutely no greasy feel.  Hair heaven in a bottle.


After drying my tears over my empty Moroccan oil bottle (no, not really!), I moved on to my morning workout.  It was another quickie.  I am dying to head out and hit the pavement after signing up for my first race yesterday but I am still not feeling great and I think it will be better in the long run to wait until the weekend.  I showed Chris my throat last night and it aint pretty in there!

So this morning I did my Fizz’s 50 workout but split it up into two rounds of 25 reps of each of the moves.  Challenging but quick, a goodie!


I broke my porridge streak this morning with what I like to call my ‘Baby Poop Smoothie’.  Mmmmm doesn’t that sound good?? Don’t worry, the baby poop only refers to the colour, not the delicious taste!

Into the blender went; 1 Banana, 1/4 C of dry old-fashioned oats, 1 Scoop of Protein Powder, 1 Squeeze of honey, 1 handful of fresh Spinach, 1/2 C of Skim milk.

The makings of Baby Poop!

I blended it all up until it was smooth and ready for the drinking.  The spinach is what gives this little guy it’s interesting colour, but I swear you cannot taste it!  If you can move past the colour, the nutritional punch that a handful of spinach adds to your smoothie can’t be beat.  Go on, try it!

I paired this smoothie with some sliced Honey Crisp apple topped with a dusting of cinnamon, delicious!

Breakfast delight!

And now I’m off to brush the teeth and head off to work.  Almost Friday!!!!






One thought on “Technical Difficulties..

  1. Denise

    Oh dear sorry about the moroccan oil! But mum to the rescue, I will send some over to you with Ashley! Please take care of the throat. Love mum x


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