Voting Day!

Well, today is election day in the US of A! I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many American flags and red white and blue balloons in my life!  There is definitely a sense of excitement and anticipation  out on the streets in San Francisco.  On my way to and from work today, I saw lots of people out and about with ‘I Voted’ stickers, talking to people holding poster boards of their candidates.  As someone not from the US originally, it’s exciting to be here for this, but at the same time it’s also kind of nerve-wracking and frustrating.  I wish that I could cast my vote for the future of the country that I now call home (for the next little while), but I am just hoping that people make the right choice and am enjoying watching it all unfold.

Here’s one little guy that exercised his right to vote (kinda!).

Lil’ Voter!

Good job little guy!!

Work was pretty uneventful today, but thankfully it was a lot easier than expected.  Working over ‘the witching hour’ (5 o’clock) you never really know what you’re gonna get, but I was happy to see that both my little rug rats were being extra sweet today.  Days like these make it very easy to go to work!

When I got home from work in the dark (still not used to this!) I was thankful that I’d taken some chicken out to defrost before I went to work, because I’d completely forgotten and was wondering what we do for dinner! I had planned to meet Chris at the polling place just down the street on his way home from work, so before I rushed out I quickly whipped up some breadcrumbs.  I had chicken schnitzel on my mind!

I went ahead and broke up some pieces of very slightly old whole wheat bread and popped it in the food processor with a little bit of salt, pepper and ‘italian herbs’ mix.  I mixed it up for a minute until it was all ground and bread-crumby.  These breadcrumbs were awesome and here’s why…I toasted them! I popped the breadcrumbs on a baking tray and put them in the oven at 350F for about 6 minutes all up (tossing them regularly) until they were just lightly toasted. It’s a little extra step that I think made all the difference in home-made breadcrumb success.

Then I raced out to meet Chris and experience the American democratic process at work first hand.

Voting! Can you spy Annie??

There were no lines so Chris was in and out in no time!

Happy Voter!

And then it was back to the kitchen for me.

I decided to do the chicken schnitty’s (breaded chicken) with some sautéed mushrooms and baby carrots.  I did the veggies with just some olive oil on low heat while I got everything else mixed up and ready.  At the very end I tossed them with some thyme.  Mushrooms and thyme = heaven!

For the chicken, I pounded two breasts nice and flat and then cut them into smaller fillets.  I had my stations all set up and ready to go for the dipping, dunking and coating process…

Schnitzel stations…corn starch, egg wash, breadcrumbs.

It goes a little like this… Cornstarch first, egg wash second (two eggs beaten) and breadcrumbs last.  Another trick for this that I learned from Chris is to season every station.  I tend to under season so I sometimes need to be reminded!

I then just placed the crumbed fillets in a non stick pan with a little oil until they were nicely and lightly browned and cooked through.  I served them up with the veggies and it was a dinner success! I think the home-made breadcrumbs really put it over the edge.  Yum Yum!

Breaded chicken with sautéed mushrooms and carrots. Yum!

Now we’re settling in for a long night of election watching and keeping our fingers crossed.

Have a nice night everyone!





One thought on “Voting Day!

  1. Denise

    Proud to see my son-in-law exercising his democratic right and responsibility! Proud to write Son-in-law! Chicken sounded de-lish! Love me some toasted breadcrumbs! Sourdough makes good crumbs. Xx


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