Record Highs!

Wow, today definitely lived up to the temperature hype! It got above 80 in some areas of San Francisco…in November! It was an absolutely beautiful day out there.

I luckily got to spend some time outside with the little bub at work, except both he and I were feeling a bit under the weather and running low-grade fevers.  Apparently he was a bit sick over the weekend and I woke up this morning with intense sinus pain.  I had a ‘face ache’ as I told Chris all day, not head, face.  Ouch!

The little time I did spend outside, was delightful!

Enjoying some sunshine!

Little buddy ‘mowing’ the lawn!

I also managed to get in a little impromptu core workout a la hula hoop! I did a solid 15 minutes of hula hooping and my love handles were soooreee afterwards. I’m actually pretty sore in general after my short run yesterday, I guess it really had been a while! Oops!

Hula Hoop Core Sesh!


After getting home from work and having not eating anything since breakfast, I was hhuuunnggrry! I decided on a whole wheat tortilla wrap courtesy of La Tortilla Factory.  I added some crunchy peanut butter and thinly sliced apple to make my tortilla deliciousness.  And to my surprise, I had one and a half tortillas left! Who ate half a tortilla?? Chrrrriiisssss? Well anyway, this extra little half got a nice swipe of nutella to finish off my lunch.

PB & A Whole Wheat Tortilla

Bonus half!

Like my princess band-aid?? It was to cover my crazy painting injury.  I’m such a hard-core painter!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging with my best little dog buddy and I actually snuck in a little nap which helped ease a little of my ‘face ache’.  A Skype date with my sissy was the highlight of my day and she took me right up to dinner time! I’m so excited that in just a couple of weeks, she’ll be back in the country for 5 whole months!! Weeeee!


Dinner tonight was a great success! I had one meat package left from my Trader Joe’s shop this week ‘Korean Sesame’ short ribs.  I decided to pair them with some roasted Brussel sprouts and some spinach.  I knew I wanted to include spinach but how?? I heated up some oil in the pan and threw in some coarsely chopped onion which I let cook down for a couple of minutes on a lower heat.  I then added the spinach, tossed it in the oil and onion mixture, covered and let simmer on low for about 5 minutes stirring here and there.  It ended up being delicious and properly wilted with the almost caramelised onions, yummm!

Meat and two veg!

Even Chris ate all his spinach. Mission accomplished!

We are now settled in with a movie for a relaxing night.  I’m still getting used to it being dark so early, I feel like it’s bed time!


See you all tomorrow.







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