Quick Full Body Energizer!

Good Morning!

Well, after a bad nights sleep (another one!!!), I woke up feeling pretty craptastic this morning.  I think my swollen feeling throat, sore face and slight fever can’t really be ignored so much anymore.  Boooo!


To make myself feel better, I made a beeline for the kettle and got some nice hot tea in my throat and mah belly! I also felt like it was the perfect morning for a nice hot bowl of porridge (even though it’s very hot outside already).  I did feel like porridge, but I felt like porridge with a twist! I cooked up the oats my usual way; cover oats with milk or water until just submerged, microwave for 1.5 mins, stir and microwave again for 30 secs.  To add a little twist and some flavour, I then added a tiny bit (about 1/4 tsp) of pumpkin butter.

Pumpkin Butter Oats

I then added a small sprinkling of Brown Sugar and a handful of Almond Granola for some texture. Yum!

Just what the doctor ordered!

It might not look pretty, but it was pretty delicious!



After sitting around for a while, feeling sorry for myself and feeling generally uncomfortable, I thought to myself ‘enough is enough’ just get up and do something even if it’s a little something, it all counts!

So I set out to come up with a quick full body workout that I could do just once but could repeat later on when I’m feeling better for an even better sweat! So I came up with my Quick Full Body Energizer Workout.

Quick Full Body Energizer Workout

The move that was the most fun and challenging was the magic carpet abs! If you haven’t done these before, here’s how; Start in a full push up position with your feet on a small towel (on a hard surface), keeping your push up position, slide your feet towards chest (creating a crunch move) and return.  For added difficulty, you can keep your legs straight creating more of a jack-knife move.  Fun and you can really feel it!!

Now I am off to steam my head with Vicks, shower and head off to work.

I hope everyone in the States is planning to vote today! I know I would if I could.  It’s definitely an interesting time to be living in the USA right now.

See you all later!




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