Small Town Dreaming.

Well, we woke up to an absolutely beautiful day here in San Francisco! There are said to be record highs for November reached today, with temps in the 80’s! What a crazy city I live in.  I feel awful that so many on the east coast experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy and are now set to go through some temperature drops!  I wish we could package them all up and send them over here for some power, water and warm temps.


Breakfast this morning was another cereal mixer bowl.  Today I mixed some gluten-free cranberry granola with some rice chex.  Topped with a sliced banana, this little baby did the trick…almost!

Cereal Mixer.

I was still feeling a little peckish, so I threw a Gluten free buckwheat wild berry waffle in the toaster and topped it with some strawberry jam.  Nowww I was done…almost!

Buckwheat wild berry waffle

No breakfast is complete without my little friend, black tea!

Breakfast Complete!

Phew! Now my breakfast is complete.  I need my little caffeine mood booster.  I am strictly a tea girl, through and through!



With the holiday season upon us, and with helping out our friends paint their new house yesterday, I have been having the sneaking suspicion that I’m getting ready for small town life.  Having grown up in a small town, I love the sense of community that a small town brings, the familiar faces, the yards, the gardens…Sign me up!

Chris and I talk a lot about what our next move should be.  Where should we go? What should we do? It’s tough for us because ‘home’ to each of us is a different place, and although ‘home’ now is really wherever we are with Annie, it’s tough to imagine living long-term away from both of our families.  Although, since we are newly married and child-less maybe now is the right time to stay put in the big city…or maybe it’s not!? Confusion!!  Tough decisions coming our way in the next year or so! I welcome any suggestions for you all!

Well, as you can probably tell, my mind is a mess with running different living scenarios, so I am going to keep this short and sweet!

Enjoy your Monday all!




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