Singin’ Painting Songs.

Boy, painting makes me hungry! Chris and I headed over to the East Bay to help our great friends get some rooms primed for them to start painting.  Our friends Matt and Liz are two of the sweetest and best friends in the world and they are expecting a baby in February so we were more than happy to do whatever we could to help!

We were put to work with two bedrooms to prime.  I learned two things from my painting escapades today 1.  I am a messy painter! I seriously got primer allllll over me and it is stubborn to remove. 2. I should wear stilts when I paint.  I left about a foot at the top of each wall that Chris had to go over behind me to finish off the walls.  Perhaps I’m not meant to be the next great painter!

Even though I got primer in my eye and now have a very nice painting blister, it was nice to help out some buddies and have a quick catch up, complete with painting beers.  It reminded me of my favourite TV show Gilmore Girls when Lorelai offers to help Luke paint his diner and says she’ll contribute painting songs and beers.  I should have sung a painting song, doh! Next time.

Painty Mess!

By the time we got home, the combination of a couple of hours of painting and the one hour time change left me ready for some dinner!

I had tortellini on the brain after buying some pesto flavoured ones from Trader Joe’s but didn’t want to just have that.  Instead, I took out some mushrooms and sausages to have with it and boost the veg and protein content.


The making of some sides…

Once it was all chopped, my wonderful husband took over in the kitchen and made the sausage/mushroom combo into a delicious sauce for the tortellini by throwing them in the pan with some herbs, olive oil and a touch of butter right at the end.  We then tossed the cooked tortellini right in the pan for a minute and served it up.  Team work! It was very delicious, although the tortellini itself was a little bland.  Good thing we had the tasty sauce!

Delicious Sunday night dinner!

Now that dinner is all done and dusted we are settling in for a nice night of TV watching because tonight is….Revenge night! Yessss.  I can’t wait to see how much revenging Emily does tonight.



See you all tomorrow, sleep tight!





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