The Joy of Painting.

Well, remember when I said I was going to workout before Chris got home? Hmm that didn’t happen so much.  I completely blame the Gossip Girl marathon that was happening right in front of me! Darn you Blair and Serena and your intoxicating sassiness (and Nate for being so ridiculously good-looking).

So, instead of working out, I munched on a nice bowl of oats and yogurt with a little granola thrown in for crunch and then got dressed for the day.  Since my hair is disgustingly greasy today I knew I wanted to throw it up in a bun, but I wasn’t in the mood for just any old bun! I thought today would be the perfect day for my first attempt at a sock bun.  I found a sock that was actually a little worse for wear, cut the toesies out and followed the many online tutorials.  And voila!

Sock Bun!

Not bad for the first try! I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with the hair left over so I just swept it around the bun and bobby pinned it in.  I think next time I’d like to do it with slightly curled hair and a bigger sock.  But it was fun!

When Chris got home we had a quick Skype with his parents to discuss Christmas plans (yay that means Christmas is cominggggg) and then headed off to Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond.  It sure is fun to spend gift cards!!

Since we received so many great things for our apartment and literally can’t fit anything else in right now, we decided to take a Macy’s card each and buy some things for ourselves, something we don’t do too often!

I ended up scoring a couple of tops, a jumper/sweater, a pleather jacket and some new perfume! Yahoo!

We then headed to BB&B to spend some vouchers there and got some things off our wedding registry.  I was very excited to pick up some bakeware since I’m feeling like experimenting with some muffin and cupcake recipes!

Lunch was a simple lettuce wrap left over from last night’s Chinese delight which was followed by a little berry snack (with a couple of chocolate covered almonds for good measure!).

Berry delish.

After lunch we were flipping through the TV channels when Chris came upon ‘The Joy of Painting’, a delightful little show that I was yet to see.  If anyone hasn’t seen it, it’s a painting instructional show hosted by the late Bob Ross who I think may just be a painting angel sent from above.  He was so sweet and his voice almost put me in a trance.  He also had me believing that I could be an exceptional artist which I am sure is not true!  But just look at him, he could put anyone in a good mood!

The Joy of Painting! So much joy!

(Photo Source)

His constant affirmations filled me with warm and fuzzies and I wanted to give him a big hug!  Well, needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my first watching of The Joy of Napping Painting.

We are getting ready now to head off to the movies to see ‘Chasing Mavericks’ which Chris is very excited about!!

Hope you’re all enjoying a nice Saturday.



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