November Beach Day.

Last night recap…

Chris and I got all dolled up (me in my brand new pleather jacket) and headed downtown to see the movie ‘Chasing Mavericks’ about surfer Jay Moriarty’s quest to surf the illusive Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.  All in all the movie was pretty good! The surf scenes were definitely good, but we could have done without the cheese factor!

We also had some fun while waiting for the train downtown.  It began like this…

Nice and Normal

And ended like this…

I am a weirdo… but at least I married one too!

Before heading off, I also tweaked my ‘sock bun’ and was much happier with the result! I tried the ‘rolling hair down with the sock’ maneuver and it produced a much better formed bun.  Double success!

New and improved sock bun!

Our night ended with a quick drink and appetizer at a cute old world looking bar and then home for cuddles with the dog.



Today we woke up to an absolute pearler of a day.  Beautiful blue skies as far as the eye can see.  Chris was headed out to Ocean Beach for a surf with his buddies and due to the extra hour of sleep this morning (thank you time change!) I was awake and decided to come with him.  I dressed in my workout gear and hoped to get in a quick run along the beach while the boys surfed.

We headed out there with the hound and left her with a girlfriend who was headed right for the beach while I went out for a run.  I just did a quick and sweaty 2 miles in 16 minutes.  I wanted to go further but my legs were feeling very heavy and after two solid weeks of eating and drinking a lot, I decided to take it a little easy and work my way back up.  It felt great to get out and stretch my legs and get my heart rate up.  Every bit counts right? And with this to look at, it was a pretty beautiful run!

Ocean beach in November!

On days like this in November, it’s pretty damn good to live in San Francisco!

I had a quick shower and change and headed to the beach to meet Jasmine and Annie and see if we could spot the boys out in the water.  We of course could not find them! Have you ever tried to find someone surfing?? It is so hard! We decided that they all need to wear little GPS trackers that we can track on our phones to find them! Great idea!

Annie had a wonderful time running like a crazy dog on the beach.  Sand is definitely her favourite thing in the world.

Watching the waves.


Following the big surf shesh, we all headed up to a cafe to grab a nice breakfast.  I opted for the Granola Bowl which was served with yogurt and an abundance of fresh fruit.  It was deeeeelissssshh! The granola had almost a grape nuts type consistency which I love and was chocked with nuts and raisins.  Yum! I also paired it with a Sierra Nevada, it was almost midday!

Granola Bowl

Now we’re home for a quick minute before heading off to the East Bay to help some friends finish off the painting of their house.  Good deeds Sunday! Pass it along.

Happy Sunday!





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