Fizz’s 50!

Friday! Friday! Hoorayyyy!

Oh how I love a good Friday.  Mine started off with one of those work days where you get to work, step foot in the door and immediately feel like turning around and leaving! So not the best way to start a Friday but to be honest, I was just being a big baby! I know that my job is a dream compared to many others, I was just feeling a little tested by the kiddies…optimism Fizz!

Lunch brightened my day right up. I took a little container of spaghetti squash with me to work, topped it with some nice peas and some parmesan cheese and heated it up.  It was a lunch time delight! I can’t believe this week was my first experience with spaghetti squash, I’ve been missing out!

Spaghetti squash, peas N’ cheese!

Work finished up pretty uneventfully and I was excited to officially be in ‘weekend mode’! Especially since Chris and I have a date planned to drink our final bottle of wedding champagne.  Any night with champs is a good night for me!

When I got home, I was bursting at the seams for a good quick workout.  I flipped open my trusty workout notebook (I keep a little notebook where I jot down any good workout that I come across) and found another workout by the wonderful Jess, her Feisty 50.

The Notebook…..of workouts.

I loved the concept of this workout for today but felt like changing up the moves a bit.  So I ended up creating my own Fizz’s 50 with some exercised that were fitting my mood today!


Fizz’s 50!

This one took me about 20 minutes, taking short breaks between each exercise.  It was quick and sweaty and just what I was after.  Success!

Since the workout, I’ve just been laying a lot of love on my little furbaby.  She’s being extra sweet today!

Annie love!

A little extra Annie love never goes astray!

Now I’m just sitting pretty sweaty waiting for someone to come and (hopefully) buy some mason jars from me that I didn’t use for the wedding and have had lying around for ohhhhh about a year! Please to buy Mister.

Have a lovely Friday evening everyone!



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