Champagne and Monsters!

Last night was a fun little night in the McD household!

To celebrate it being Friday, and making it two (and a day) weeks of married life, we decided to pop open our last bottle of champas that we received as a wedding gift.

Two of my favourite things…

We popped the bubbly as soon as Chris was home was work and then had the tough job of deciding what to do for dinner.  We had come to the conclusion that we both wanted a night in, so takeaway was on the agenda.  The go-to in our house is always Chinese, it’s Chris’ favourite.  I was never really too keen on Chinese but I have definitely come around.

We ordered some dim sum and green onion pancakes and followed it up with some delicious lettuce wraps.  Again, we received some steamed pork buns AND sesame balls for free! Score!!

Champagne and Chinese…little bit slum, little bit classy!

Want to know a short cut to heart burn? Mix chinese food with champagne! Chris and I were both feeling the burn after a little while.  But it was worth it! These two things made for a delicious night in our house.

During dinner, we took part in some very romantic TV watching.  Have you all heard of a little show called “Monsters Inside Me”? Well, it’s one of my fave’s because I love gory weird medical shows and I think that Chris loves to hate it.  He spends a lot of it cringing but also can’t seem to tear himself away, which works for me!

Last night definitely wasn’t high enough on the ‘ick’ factor for me, no live bugs under anyone’s skin! But it still made for a very cringe worthy night.  Perfecto!  And that was how we rolled last night.

This morning I am a surfing widow.  But, I have plans to finish this delicious cup of tea I’m currently sipping on, and then get a quick workout in before Chris gets home.

We are then going to go and spend some of our hard earned wedding gift certificates – Macy’s here we come!

Happy Saturday morning friends!




One thought on “Champagne and Monsters!

  1. Denise

    Sounds like a lovely evening. Champas, Chinese and medical show! How much better could it have possibly been. You two have the “at home date night” down! Xx


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