Honeymoon Recap!

Brace yourselves…it’s a long one!

Ohhh our honeymoon.  I know that probably everybody that’s ever been on a honeymoon says this, BUT I think our honeymoon was the best honeymoon that has ever taken place.  There was the perfect amount of mushy romance, adventure activities, sunshine, fruity tropical drinks and good food.

To put it lightly and completely not modestly, our honeymoon was what honeymoon dreams are made of!

We set off bright and early Sunday morning from Waikiki for our flight into Lihue on the absolutely beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Upon arrival, we picked up our rental jeep for the week, popped the top off and hit the road bound for the north shore!

Our first three nights were spent at the beautiful (but very formal and little ‘too much’ for us) St Regis Princeville.  It was set into a cliff side and the views from the hotel really were out of this world! We checked in and then headed out to explore the town of Hanalei which would be our ‘spot’ for the next couple of days.  As it turned out, partly because of outrageous prices, we spent each night dining and spending time in Hanalei as opposed to the hotel.  It was the coolest town! A real Hawaiian feeling place with incredibly friendly locals and really, really good food!

Our first three days were spent relaxing, hiking, beaching, fish spotting and generally enjoying life as a newly married couple in paradise!

Honeymooning north shore style

There really is no way to express the rugged beauty of the north shore of Kauai.  With the towering Na Pali coastline always visible, you feel so tiny and completely awe-struck a lot of the time.  Chris looked at me at one point while we were on a beach called ‘tunnels’ with the famous Bali Hai mountain behind us and said “Is this real life?”.

Soaking up the views of the north shore

A real highlight for both of us was hiking the 4 mile out and back trail along the Na Pali coast to Hanakapiai Beach.  This hike, while short, was pretty damn challenging! It was steep and rocky and really got the heart racing which was a welcome feeling after slumming it for a couple of days! The views were unparalleled and at times we couldn’t believe that a place so beautiful could really exist.

Hiking the Na Pali!

On Wednesday morning, we packed up our jeep, bid farewell to the beautiful north shore and headed off for the south shore of Kauai to our second destination of Poipu Beach.  We purposely left early to give ourselves some exploring time for stopping in some small towns on our way down there and because we wanted to arrive early to have some lazy time at the pool before our sunset cruise that we had booked for that night.

On the way down we stopped in the cutest town called Kapaa where we split a fresh coconut and enjoyed wandering the quaint streets before continuing our trip south.

The south shore was so completely different to where we had just been.  That’s one really cool thing about Kauai…that you can get a little bit of everything here! Lush incredible mountains one day, hot sunny beaches the next! Perfection!


Our time on the south shore in our awesome boutique hotel was spent very actively! We did a sunset cruise, Chris surfed, we drove up to see Waimea Canyon (the grand canyon of the Pacific), met up with some friends and took a doorless helicopter ride! Ahhhhh!

South Shore Style!

And of course, plenty of sweet sun baking and pool lazing time…right up my alley! I also found my new favourite tropical drink!  A frozen coconut mojito! You better believe I will be finding the recipe for that bad boy!

It’s hard to describe the awesomeness of a honeymoon.  You get to spend some completely stress free time with the love of your life, for whom you have a new-found love, respect and name for (I’m still getting used to saying ‘my husband’)!  Our honeymoon was just what the doctor ordered and it was the best trip I’ve taken yet! It of course, flew by way too quickly but the memories that Chris and I made there will last me a lifetime!

Thanks for the best honeymoon ever Chris AKA husband buddy!

Farewell honeymoon!

Til Next Time!……..Just kidding Chris!



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