Overnight Oats and Last Waikiki Recap.

Well, after slipping myself a little Melatonin before bed last night, I finally slept like a baby! Melatonin doesn’t always work for me but when I’m in desperate need of a good sleep I never hesitate to give it a try, especially because it’s a natural sleep aid.

I got a solid 7 hours of sleep and woke up feeling great! After a quick shower and a little family cuddle time with the wanza dog, it was off to work I go!


Breakfast this morning came together very easily due to a little prep last night.  I popped some old fashioned gluten free oats in a container with some Trader Joe’s Mango flavoured greek yogurt, put the lid on and let it soak overnight.  What I woke up to were delicious and filling overnight oats!

Mango! Mango!

I think my greek yogurt obsession may have reached an all time high.  Mango greek yogurt just about blew my socks off!! Deeeeeliiiisssshhh.

Work is dragging along today which is probably not being helped by my pouring over a bunch of photos of the wedding that I was emailed by my mum overnight.  Ah nothing like reliving the past to slloowwww down the present! Ah well.  Now that I’m feeling good today, I’m more than ready for a good sweat fest this afternoon.  Bring on the workout!!


Now for my final wedding week in Waikiki recap.  The day after the wedding was probably what I was most excited for the entire week haha.  Of course I couldn’t wait for the wedding and to become Chris’ wife, but waking up with nothing that I had to run off and do and getting to spend the whole day with my family and friends got me very excited!

We started the day off down by the beach for a solid sun-baking and swimming session.  Chris and a bunch of his friends went out on long boards which I’m now so upset that I didn’t get to do! But I had a lot of fun soaking up the rays with my girlfriends and my favourite little nephew buddy.

The day after the night before!

It was just so nice to be so totally reeeelllaaaaxxxeeeddd!

Later on in the night, my dad had organised a bit of a fun game.  The idea was to spend as much as $20 on the ugliest, most outlandish Hawaiian outfit you could find and then we would meet up at the Hula Grill for cocktails.  Chris and I had kind of forgotten about this and rushed out in the afternoon to see what we could get our hands on! There was a good turn out of frocked up wannabe Hawaiians and it was definitely good for a laugh!

Ugly Hawaiians…

I think Chris and I were front runners with our matching red outfits.  My dress was so hideous but oh so comfortable!! And of course my nan just looked adorable! Hi nan!

Saturday was our last full day in Waikiki because we were leaving first thing in the morning on Sunday for Kauai.  Saturday was a mixed emotions kind of day for me and I definitely began to feel a little deflated.  It had been so incredibly wonderful having so many friends and family together in one place for so long that I felt really sad when I had to start saying my goodbyes.  It started with my parents who were heading off for a week on Molokai to decompress after all the incredible hard work they did leading up to and during the wedding.  It was so hard to say goodbye to them knowing that I wouldn’t see them again until March.  I will never be able to express my gratitude to my parents for everything that they did for Chris and I.  They were truly unfailing in their energy and compassion and willingness to help.  Chris and I picked them up a little hand carved outrigger canoe made from a very special type of wood called Koa to remind them of our time in Hawaii together.  As soon as they pulled off in their taxi, I missed them so much!

And a whole lot of goodbyes followed.  The hardest definitely being saying goodbye to my grandparents.  It meant the world to me that they had made such a huge effort to be there and I know it was far from easy for them to make it.  They made the whole experience just that much more special for me and I will have those amazing memories of them dancing at my wedding forever.

Saturday night Chris and I headed out for one last dinner with his family to a beautiful restaurant right on the beach.  We were treated to one beautiful sunset!

Last supper..

I couldn’t believe that this week was actually coming to a close.  A week that we had planned and looked forward to and stressed over for more than a year was almost over.  It was the strangest feeling!  And of course the never-ending goodbyes didn’t help! Saying goodbye to my brother and my best friends sucked.  I never feel more myself than when I’m surrounded by the people who truly know me.  I can safely say that I haven’t felt as much myself as I did that week in a long long time.

The last goodbye was to my sister and her boyfriend Paul who bunked with us for our last night.  We said sleepy goodbyes to them as Chris and I headed out the door bright and early Sunday morning with Kauai in our sights.

We were feeling a little strange to be leaving but so excited to continue on our Hawaiian adventures and spend some quality time as husband and wife.

Thank you for such an incredible week family, friends and Waikiki! We’ll be back!!


Stay tuned for the honeymoon!


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