Dinner Fail, Dessert Success and Wedding Sneak Peek!

Dinner tonight was a creation based on another Trader Joe’s pre prepared meal.  After a rough day, I felt like just popping something already seasoned and ready to go in the pan and being done with it.  So I defrosted one of their Curry Chicken Tender packs to base dinner around.

I did want to contribute something to the meal and pack a little extra nutritional punch, so I added some chopped onion and peppers to the pan and had my very first experience with this intriguing little guy…

Squash? Spaghetti? Crazy!

My very first spaghetti squash adventure! I followed the directions that came on the sticker attached to this crazy vegetable.  I cut it in half lengthwise, spooned out the seeds (which I kept for roasting tomorrow, yum!) and then placed one half at a time in a microwave safe bowl with 1/2 an inch of water, covered, and cooked for 10 minutes on high.  Once they were cool enough to handle, I did what everyone says to do, which is to take a fork and begin scraping away at the flesh.  To my amazement, it really does look like spaghetti!! I thought this was so much fun!

Spaghetti squash fun!!

When dinner was all served up, it looked pretty delicious and Chris and I had high hopes for tucking into a delicious curry taste explosion.

Curry…no bueno!

Unfortunately, it tasted more like an explosion from the wrong end (graphic much??)! The taste testers at TJ’s must have been smoking a little whacky tabaccy the night they gave this one the go-ahead! It was so prominent with one flavour that we think was cardamom, but whatever it was, it was waaayyy too much and left the strangest and worst taste in our mouths! Luckily we had some carne asada left from last night to swap to after a couple of bites of the chicken.  The spaghetti squash however was delicious!


Dessert on the other hand is another story! Using the cookies I made earlier today as a base, I put together some home-made ice cream sandwiches with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce and served them up with some fresh raspberries.  Ahhhh yum!

Cookie ice cream sandwiches!

This little girl was hanging around my feet hoping for a little morsel…


“Come on, chuck us a bit!”

Sorry sweetie girl, no ice cream for your sensitive stomach!


Now, since I decided to save the full wedding day recap until I have the professional photos in my hot little hands, you will have to make do with a little sneak peek! Enjoy!

Husband and Wife!!

Eeeeeeekkkkk I can’t wait to share the rest of that day with you all.  In good time my friends!

Well I am off to shower and hop into bed.  I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep and to wake up tomorrow feeling good and raring to go.  Wish me luck and Happy Halloween!





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