Crappy Halloween

Well today has not started off the best note! After going to bed with a slight headache last night, what followed was an extremely bad night of sleep.

But first, a quick recap of last night.  A little husband and wife at home date night.

After my big trip to Trader Joe’s, I was in the mood to make something hearty and delicious for my new husband when he got home from work. I decided to use the Carne Asada I’d picked up and team it up with some tasty veggies.

Get in my belly!

I decided on roasted brussel sprouts and honey carrots a la mumma.  We used to have honey carrots with lots of our dinners growing up but I’ve never thought to have them since living out of my house…weird! After looking online at a couple of recipes, I noticed that they all used a LOT of butter, brown sugar and other ingredients that I don’t remember my mum ever using.  After a quick message to her, she said she used to just use honey and a little bit of butter and microwave…works for me!  I used about a handful of baby carrots that I split down the middle, placed them in a microwave safe bowl and covered them with a tbs of honey and a tsp of butter.  Into the microwave for 1min 50secs and they were delish!

The sprouts were tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper, laid on a baking sheet and baked at 450F for about 40 minutes.  They were really good, but I roasted them whole and I think next time I would chop them in half before roasting.

Dinner came together pretty easily and was a tasty treat for my man!

Meat and veg! Oldie but a goodie!

I even made use of our wedding candlesticks to set the scene….sorry for the blurriness!

At home date night!

We followed it up with some vanilla ice cream with caramel Fleur De Sel sauce.  Yum!

Ice cream and caramel delish!

And that was how it went down in the McD household!


My night.  After tossing and turning and being basically wide awake until 2am, I finally decided to take myself downstairs to the couch so that I wouldn’t wake Chris and have both of us up and about.  I brought my book with me, snuggled up on and the couch and was soon joined by my little buddy.


2am Couch Buddy

Annie is such a sweetie.  After a couple of minutes of standing pretty much on my face giving me licks, she curled up and went right to sleep.  Thankfully about an hour later, I drifted off too and managed about 4 hours of sleep for the night….not enough!

Unfortunately when I woke up, my headache was still lingering, don’t you hate that??

I’m now sipping on a cup of hot sweet tea in the hopes that the caffeine and little bit of sugar will send my head clamping headache packing.  Fingers crossed!

Have a nice morning everyone!


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