Bad to Worse :(

Ugh well this morning’s headache went from bad to worse…if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post!

The cup of tea sadly failed me and my by about 9:30 my eyes started to get those tell tail ‘lights’ that can only mean one thing…migraine on the horizon.  I quickly downed some Migraine pills and plunged myself into darkness (as much darkness as you can get in a loft apartment) in the hopes that I would shake it off quickly.  It didn’t happen for me today unfortunately and the better part of my morning and lunch time was spent in some nasty pain with crazy eyes.  Boooo! For anyone that gets migraine’s , I feel your pain!  For me, they used to be very few and far between until probably the last year when they started to become more and more frequent.  Don’t you worry, I’m working on it!

When my vision finally returned and my boredom took over me, I only felt like doing one thing…watching Gilmore Girls.  Since I didn’t think it was the best idea to plonk myself in front of a TV screen just yet, I turned to my other impulse…baking! Chris and I received a cookie jar for our wedding and it has been sitting there looking very sad and empty for too long so cookie making was a perfect solution to my baking need.

I decided to quickly jump on my favourite blogger Julie’s dessert and goodies page and her Brown Sugar and Wheat Germ cookies tickled my fancy!

About 20 minutes later I was tucking into a delicious cookie snack.  The original recipe can be found here.  My cookies went just a touch over because I was distracted by a very intense game of fetch with the hound, but they were still yum delish!

Brown Sugar Wheat Germ Cookies

I also didn’t leave them quite enough room on the cookie pan so they came out almost like one giant cookie! I almost didn’t cut them apart just because one giant cookie looked like so much fun, but alas my sensible brain took over.


After sitting and feeling gradually better and better, I started to feel hungry for some lunchables.  Nothing was sounding particularly good to me though until I decided to make a smoothie…mmm smoothie! Since I picked up some spinach yesterday, I knew I could give my smoothie a little extra nutrition punch.

Into the blender went:

1 Banana

1 handful of frozen strawberries

1 small bunch of baby spinach and…

My newfound smoothie secret weapon..

Zico chocolate delight!

Chocolate flavoured coconut water!!

I added just enough of this to get everything spinning and soon enough I was enjoying a delicious and nutritious smoothie lunch.

Chocolate, strawberry, banana, coconut…

This one was a definite winner!

Now I am finally watching my Gilmore Girls since my eyes seem to be fully back to normal…phew!


I have made my decision! I am going to save the wedding day recap for the professional photos but I promise to give you all a little sneak peek before moving on to recapping our amazing honeymoon!

Stay tuned!




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