Snap! Back to reality..

Ahhh back at work today.  Meh.

When the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning it was verrrryy hard to get up and out of bed.  Even with a tiny 3 hour difference between California and Hawaii, the lag is still getting to me.  It’s hard to fall asleep before 1am (10pm body time) so waking up at 3:30am body time is not a good feeling! Ah well, I’m sure it will pass soon.

It was actually nice getting to work this morning and having someone be so excited to hear about the wedding and want to see pictures etc.  Very different from a lot of work places I’m sure.  I showed the mum of my work family the photos I do have of the wedding and she could not believe the backdrop.  Every time I look at the pictures, I’m taken back to that incredible setting and it really is hard to believe that we got to be married in such a gorgeous place.  Oh no! I’m talking about the wedding, too soon too soon!

Fizz, focus!


Breakfast this morning was courtesy of my work family.  Since it was taking me extra long to get ready for work, I rushed out without anything in my belly! Luckily cereal is something that’s always available at work.  Today’s breakfast included cheerios mixed with Gorilla Crunch (a delicious gluten free kids cereal) and a chopped banana.

Cereal mix

Simple and delicious

I also scoffed a couple of grapes that did not make it into the photo!

Plans for today after work are to finally pick up some groceries, get some exercise in and browse my recipe books in search of something to contribute to Thanksgiving this year.  Chris and I booked our tickets back to Long Island for the holiday which I’m very excited about! My second thanksgiving!  And it will be extra nice to get some more family time in since I am already having major withdrawals!!

OK and onto the wedding talk.

Rehearsal Dinner…

Chris’ wonderful parents Peter and Jeanne organised our beautiful rehearsal dinner for us in Waikiki.  Since his parents are long time members of a yacht club back on Long Island, they were able to have use of the Waikiki Yacht Club for our event.

We invited all family that was present in Hawaii, our bridal party and their partners to the dinner.  After a bit of an epic adventure getting to the yacht club with road closures and having to walk a long way (bloody taxi drivers!) we all finally made it albeit a little bit late!

We walked along the water side up to our little area for the night.  I was so surprised at how beautiful it was.  We had the outdoor section that had a canopy tent over it and was lit by sparkly small bulb lights.  <Note- any place with sparkly lights is a winner in my books!>  There were several tables set up as well as a large  assortment of food set along a long buffet line.

We began the night with mingling, cocktails, wine and some finger food before finding a seat and settling in for a nice dinner with our closest family and friends.

rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

We were greeted by Chris’s dad Peter who gave a wonderful toast in which he spoke about how nice it was so have everyone together, especially both families, a little about me and then said some words about Chris.  His speech about Chris was genuine, funny and sweet.  He described Chris under the acronym of B.A.D.A.S.S.S.  B – Brother, A – Adventurer, D – Devoted son (during which he told the story of when Chris completely forgot to pick up his parents from the airport for his graduation from Tulane) A – (Ahh! I can’t remember the second A), S – Sailor, S – Skiier, S – Scholar.  It was a very sweet toast and set the night off beautifully.

I had been very nervous the whole evening, well actually a lot of the day because I had decided that I wanted to say a few words to thank everyone for being there and since Chris was speaking at the actual wedding reception, I really wanted to make sure to do it.  Public speaking isn’t something that usually frightens me a whole lot…until I have to speak about anything emotional.  I have a tough time keeping my emotions under control so I knew I was trouble! And lo and behold, I think I made it about 10 words before the tears started flowing ridiculously.  While I did manage to say a bit, I didn’t get to say everything that I’d wanted to say.  Ah well, at least I tried – haha!

Rehearsal speech


Finished. Need. Wine.

The rehearsal dinner really was so great.  Rehearsal dinner’s aren’t something that is typically done in Australian weddings and so not something that my family and friends were expecting, but I just think they are so special and such a nice way to get all of your nearest and dearest together before the drama of the big day.

Following dinner, our wonderful best man Brian organised taxi’s for the whole group back to our hotel.  I said goodbye to Chris who was headed out on the town for a while with his buddies and headed up to my parents room to spoon on the fold out with my siss for my last night as a Hiser.

Another wonderful day and night in Hawaii!





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