Return to TJ’s..

After work today, the first thing on my agenda was to get some groceries!! We have been seriously food less since we returned from Hawaii so we were in need of some good grub.

I was thinking about going to the Safeway close by our apartment like I have been lately but as I neared the corner that leads to Trader Joe’s I thought “man it’s been a long time since I’ve been to trader joe’s” and without even realising it, I turned the wheel and was waiting in the line to get into the TJ’s parking lot (the one very big downside of shopping there).

Once I was parked and had my trolley in hand, I was really glad I’d gone the Trader Joe’s route.  I not only like the produce from there, I just really like the actual store.  It’s light and airy and I find all the people who work there are so nice and helpful. It’s a welcome change from the Safeway near our apartment where people seem to literally run away from you when you have a question, everything you need is locked up in the ‘customer service’ counter at the front of the store and there are very frequently zero trolleys to be found.

After browsing the aisles for a good half hour, I ended up bagging some delicious looking loot! If only I’d remembered that San Francisco now charges $0.10 a bag, drats!

The loot

The Loot!

I was very happy to see lots of colours in this lot of goodies.  Annndddd also some delicious looking sweets and sauces.  Yes!

You’ll also notice that I couldn’t help but buy a big stem of light blue hydrangea as a little throw back to the wedding and to make me feel cheery.  I remember growing up it felt like we always had fresh flowers in the house (partly because we had a beautiful garden and partly because my mum is a domestic goddess!).  There’s something about having fresh flowers around that just makes you feel like a put together woman haha.  It’s working for me today!

Hydrangea Love

One more thing that I scooped up and was very excited to try was this little morsel…

Pumpkin butter

First time pumpkin butter-er!

I have heard so many wonderful and delicious things about pumpkin butter that when I saw it on the shelf basically staring at me and it was on sale, it was in the trolley faster than you could say “whammy!”.

Since I just had a banana for lunch today, I was feeling a bit peckish after unloading all the groceries.  I had also bought some whole wheat crumpets and so decided to toast one up and spread it with a little pumpkin love.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect…is it going to taste like pumpkin? Is it going to taste like butter? Do those two things even make sense together? Well, the answer is this…it’s a sweet, almost jam like spread of absolute deliciousness.

I’m sold!

Pumpkin butter crumpet loveeeee!

Yes! Yes! Yes! So good!

After my shopping taking a little longer than I had planned and with my crumpet experimentation, it’s now almost 5pm and I’m fearing that a workout might not happen for me today.  Doh! 4pm is really my cut off time.  If it hasn’t happened by then it’s probably not going to happen, with the exception of a class at the gym.  BUT the thing with my gym is that the good classes that are on in the late afternoon fill up ridiculously fast and if you haven’t secured a spot online at 7pm the night before, you’re outta luck! Which unfortunately will be me today!

Tomorrow will be a new day and the turning over a new post-wedding leaf and commitment to exercise! Yay for me!

You will notice a distinct lack of wedding talk in this post, that’s because I’m trying to decide whether to recap the actual wedding day now, or when I get the professional photos back.  Suggestions welcome!

See you later!





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