I’m Baaaacccckkk!

WOW, what an incredible, amazing, fun, emotional, overwhelming and loving two weeks.  It is such a surreal feeling to be back at home and for it to all be over.  After so much planning, wondering, stressing and organising, it came and went so incredibly quickly.  It’s definitely a little sad to know that it’s all over, but we had the time of our lives and we are now a very happily married couple. Yaaaaaayy! And we got to be reunited with this little fluff ball…



I have decided that with so much to cover from the two weeks in Hawaii, I’ll tackle one wedding related event per post so that I don’t completely bombard you all with wedding news (even though that’s basically all I feel talking about! Hah, I guess nothing’s really changed!).  Then I will finish up with a recap of our honeymoon…can you even wait?? I know I can’t!

First things first though, let’s get back to basics!


Since we are only just back and haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping yet, the pickin’s were a little slim this morning and I was craving a nice healthy breakfast to put me back on track.  Luckily, I still had old fashioned oats, some muesli and a little brown sugar…porridge! Perfect!

I combined it all and microwaved it up with some water (I love that porridge can be made with milk or water so there’s no worries about being out of milk!).  Once it was all mixed up and cooked through, I stirred through a table-spoon of wheat germ and a small pretty generous sprinkling of brown sugar.  The inclusion of muesli and wheat germ gave this porridge a delicious nutty flavour. Yum delish!


Porridge and tea makes for a happy me!

On the agenda for today is some more unpacking/general organising and some sort of exercise! I am craving a good work out after a solid week of basically no exercise.  I am feeling a bit lethargic and with the couple extra kg/lb’s I’m sporting after our honeymoon, it’s definitely time to feel the burn! I feel a workout DVD is in my future today.

Now onto the first recap of the wedding week…

Sunset Mai Tai Cruise!!

My wonderful parents put together this little seaside soiree for Monday of the wedding week.  After being in Waikiki for a couple of days, my dad went ahead and booked 20 tickets on the Mai Tai sunset cruise for the family and friends that had arrived early to Waikiki.  I then spread the word to my college buddies and they all managed to secure tickets on the same cruise.  Chris was on the north shore that night for a birthday luau for one of our girlfriends so I was flying solo for the night.

Our group definitely ended up being the majority on the boat and we had soooo much fun!! It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.  Being surrounded by family and my best friends sailing the Hawaiian seas with diamond head passing in the background was truly unforgettable.

So it went a little like this…We met the boat at 4:30, took off our shoes and walked up the beach ladder to our boat for the night.  We were greeted by the captain and his helper named ‘mocha’ (who was pretty easy on the eyes) who went over some very basic safety rules and then we were off and sailing.  Not too long into the trip Mocha started pouring out the mai tai’s and they were flowing for the remainder of the ride, and they were goooooood! I had many, many mai tai’s over the past two weeks and these ones were still my favourite! The music was pumping during the whole trip and at one point I looked around and all I could see were the happy smiling faces of my family and friends…it doesn’t get any better than that!

sunset cruise

Sunset cruising Waikiki!

The night ended with a beautiful sunset before we returned up to the beach and spent the rest of the night chatting in my hotel room before heading out for dinner at ‘Da Big Kahuna’ in Waikiki.  After being separated from my family and closest friends for so long, I couldn’t get enough of them that night and just spent the night soaking up all the love, chats and hugs I could get my hands on.

This night was definitely unforgettable! Ohhh if I could do it all again, I would in a heartbeat!

Thanks for an amazing night fellow Waikiki sailors!


The best of times…





2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaacccckkk!

  1. Denise

    Yay you’re back! Love reading your blog. So much fun and you paint a great word picture. Yay bring on the wedding memories! Love you mum xx


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