Aloha again everybody!! Sorry for the long delay between posts, we got a little busy there for a while with something….oh yeah, a wedding!

I’m a married lady!!! Our wedding was so amazing, easily the best day of my life to date.  I will be doing recaps of the first week in Hawaii when we get back to San Francisco so I can really get in there with the details (brace yourselves for those ones!).

At the moment we are on the beautiful island of Kauai and it is absolutely breathtaking.


Ehhhhhh not bad!

We arrived yesterday with a little bit of mixed emotions.  We were so excited to be here after thinking and wondering about it for so long.  At the same time though, after being surrounding by friends and family and our favourite people in the whole world for a week, we were both feeling a bit lonely.

We’re slowly getting into the swing of honeymooning though don’t you worry! Our hotel is pretty ridiculous and you literally can’t lift a finger around here.  They spread out your towels for you, lay our your slippers next to the bed and do your laundry! Chris is in big trouble because I could get used to this!

Chris is adapting to being a wedding ring wearer.  I guess it’s a funny feeling for guys to suddenly wear a piece of jewellery every single day! But I must say, I like the look of it!

Wedding rings!

Wedding Rings!

I’m a firm believer in buying groceries when travelling so breakfast is always at the ready, healthier and cheap! We’ll be heading to food land to stock up on some cereal, yogurt and bananas.  Annndd now my stomach is grumbling!

Plans today include beaching, surfing and general relaxing!


Life’s pretty good right now!




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