We made it! I am officially on holidays in paradise with my family and my best friends.  Life does not get better than this!


Travel Day…

After being wide awake at 3am yesterday, I knew I was in for a looonnngg and tiring day, but I was just so filled with excitement and anticipation, I felt like my blood was literally bubbling all through my body.

We made it to Oakland airport at about 7am and met our friends Matt and Liz for a breakfast Bloody Mary (mimosa for me!) and shuffled our way on to the plane.  So, what’s it like to travel with a wedding dress you might ask.  Well, in short, stressful! The plane we were on to Maui (our stop over) was a boeing 717 and didn’t have one single closet on the entire plane, so I had to stuff my beautiful wedding dress in to the overhead bin! Not ideal, but once the initial concern for the dress passed, I relaxed and enjoyed the first leg of our journey!

It’s always hard to eat well when you’re travelling, you just have to accept it! With all the excitement  and it being so early in the morning, I wasn’t hungry enough and forgot to buy myself something at the airport before we boarded.  They do provide a snack breakfast but it was a sweet roll with cream cheese (yuk), some guava jelly and some dried fruit.  The dried fruit I actually really liked!

(UGH for some reason, WordPress is not agreeing with my posting photos today!I’ll have to try later on!)

We said goodbye to Matt and Liz in Maui and had a short layover before boarding the even shorter flight to Oahu! It was so fast, it felt like we had only just finished ascending when it was time to come back down.  But that was fine by me! I was so ready to get off the plane and get things going.

We picked up our bags, the rental car and headed off to do some jobs before making it to the hotel.  The jobs ended up being very stressful and annoying and we ended up making it to the hotel at around 3:15 with only 45 mins until my hair and makeup lady was due to arrive for my trial.  I was sweaty, exhausted, frazzled but  feeling amazing! My hair and makeup trial went really well, the girl was such a doll! Having my best friends there, sipping on champagne and getting a little taste of wedding day was an amazing experience for me!

We headed off for a nice family dinner and some cocktails (lava flowwww!) for an early 30th birthday for my brother and then headed off to the bar to meet up with my friends from home.  It was so much fun! It had been so long since I’d felt that feeling of being surrounded by the people you love the most in the world.  I got to see two of my best friends Loz and Nath who I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years! I got all teary and was just floating on cloud 9 (and mai tai’s!).

This morning Chris and I woke up in our awesome suite (thanks Outrigger for the upgrade) to the sound of the waves at 5:30.  I am feeling a lot better and knew I wanted to get a nice sweat on first thing in the morning.  I headed up to the fitness centre and did a quick 20mins/2miles on the treadmill on 1 incline before doing a quick arms and abs circuit.  The fitness centre is only a really small one with not much free space but luckily at that time of the morning I had it to myself!  My circuit looked like this;

Using free weights of your choice compete  the following exercises;

Bicep Curls X 10reps

Lateral Shoulder Raises X 10reps

Front Shoulder Raises X 10reps

Weighted Scissor Kicks X 10reps

Tricep Kick Back X 10reps

Deadlift with Row X 10reps

Weighted Russian Twists X 15reps to each side.

Plank Toe Taps X 10reps

Deadlift with Row X 10reps

Repeat Circuit 2 Times! Enjoy!

It was quick, sweaty and I felt a nice burn on the old arms! Yeeeaaaahh!

Then it was back to the room and out into the sweet sweet ocean!! Ohhhh I was in heaven.

Today we are finally going up to see our wedding venue and I’m so excited! I will work on the photo thing for all of you.


Enjoy your day! I sure will!




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