Hawaii Eve!

Sitting here with Chris watching ‘The Descendants’ (pretty much just for the Hawaii scenic shots) is almost too much to take.  I am bursting to the seams with excitement!

After receiving texts and emails from my family with photos like these, it was hard not let the excitement finally bubble to the surface!


Hawaii! Ehh…not bad!

Chris and I had been sitting around the apartment for a little while doing not much of anything (once we’d finishing packing and lots of jobs!), and feeling a little antsy when he suggested heading to a nearby spot to sit outside and order a drink.  I liked two things about this suggestion…sitting outside and having a drink.  Since we had to drop Annie in a little while from that time, I was pretty keen to stay home with her and spend a little quality time.  So instead, we headed down to our local convenience store and decided that a bottle of champagne was in order! I love when Chris feels like celebrating!

Sure it was no Lava Flow (my fave Hawaiian drink) but it hit the spot!


Celebration snack of champions!

In hindsight, the champagne wasn’t the best idea seeing as we had a lot of travelling to do after dropping Annie off.  We had to drive the car to Mountain View, then jump on Caltrain and ride the hour long trip back.  We were both already so tired from the stress of last night and packing and worrying that the champas made us immediately sleepy! Ah well, we made it home in one piece and plonked down on the couch.  Well I did, while Chris got to work in the kitchen!

Thanks Sweetie!

Scrambled delight

Scrambled delight…sausages, onion and red pepper.

I really don’t like being at home without Annie around.  I know I sound like a crazy dog lady (and I probably really am) but if you have a dog and your used to them being around, you really notice their absence! Luckily, we don’t have much time here at all before we’ll be off and about!

We are now officially packed, the plants are watered, the garbage has been taken out…we are ready to roll!

I can’t believe we are really heading to the airport in eight and a half hours.  My next worry will be getting my wedding dress on the plane but once we’re seated and on our way, I think all the worry and stress from the past year or so will begin to melt away…can’t wait!

You’ll be hearing from me from Hawaii, until then…Aloha and Mahalo for reading!




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