Not Quite to Plan!

First things first, a little recap of the day…


Lunch today was another work delight.  And I really mean it when I say delight.  The mum of my work family makes a mean lentil soup and today there was a massive batch in the fridge with my name on it! Stoked! I topped it off with a little bit of homemade chicken noodle soup and it was goooood.  It felt good for my cold to have nice homemade soup X 2!

Lentil soup

Lentil/Chicken noodle Soup combo delight!

My workday was actually full of little delights! My littlest buddy was especially cute today and told me numerous times that he loved me and wanted to have ‘big hugs’.  Awww melt your heart kind of stuff! Another little delight was that the kiddies had little kaleidoscopes today.  I can’t remember the last time I looked into one of those, but they were just as cool and mesmerising as I remember!

I mean seriously, this is just cool!


Kaleidoscope Cool!

When the work day was done I was soooo excited!! Last work day complete before I’m a married lady, so crazy to think about! I headed off to my ‘lady’ appointment to become ‘bikini ready’.  I will spare you from the gory details but if anyone in San Francisco is looking for a top notch waxing experience, Rose is so funny, sweet, hygienic and miraculously pain free! Highly recommend!

I came home feeling so excited and just floating on almost vacation vibes.  Chris came home not long after me and we were both so excited and feeling some of the stress release.  All was good until that point….and then…

We noticed that little Annie girl wasn’t opening her left eye.  She was in fact squeezing it so tightly closed that we had a hard time prying it open to inspect it.  When we did get it open, we noticed that her normally beautiful brown eye was blood red.  Literally blood red! Not the white part of her eye, the coloured part.  Oh no!

We put a call in to our vet to tell them what we found and they said to bring her on in.  Two hours in emergency later and we found out that Annie most likely suffered some sort of trauma to her eye (hopefully, that’s best case scenario!).  Other things it could be are glaucoma, ingesting something like rat poison or something really scary sounding that I can’t possibly spell.  They took blood, blood pressure, temperature etc and sent us home with two sets of eye drops, instructions to make an appointment with a vet eye doctor ASAP and a promise to call with her blood results tomorrow.  Awwwww little Annie! I always get so upset when she’s sick and she can’t talk to us and tell us how she’s feeling.

Poor Annie

Poor Little Annie!

The timing is definitely not amazing for this seeing as tomorrow is our last day to get lots of stuff done, and we had plans to drop Annie off with her dog sitters in the afternoon.  Thankfully, we have some pretty incredible friends who (after some panicked phone calls) agreed to split up ‘Annie watch’ and take her for one week each.  Lifesavers!! They are going to watch her and give her her medications and make sure she’s ok for us.  We couldn’t be more grateful! As I’m sure you can all tell, Annie is basically our child.  We love her to the ends of the earth and would be so worried about her being sick with strangers and lots of other dogs.  I’m just hoping now that we hear some good news from her blood tests tomorrow and that her eye is going to be ok.

Needless to say, our plans for packing have been a bit sidetracked tonight! That has now been pushed to tomorrow’s list.  Wow, that’s a long one now!

First thing on the agenda, pick up wedding dress! Eeeek!

Good night all! Hope you’re all having a far less stressful evening than us!

P.S safe flight family and friends headed to Hawaii today. See you soon!



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