Almost There!

After last nights events, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleeping done! I kept waking up to check that Annie was breathing (even though I know she will be perfectly fine).  Oh man, if this is any indication of how I’ll be with a baby, I’m in trouble!

We did hear from Annie’s vet today that her blood tests all came back normal which is great news because it rules out any bleeding disorder that might be going on.  So, best case scenario she bumped her eye on something and the mixture of eye drops we’ve been giving her will help her get a bit better each day.  She already seems more herself today, she’s holding her eye open a bit and is back to going crazy and attacking the blanket.  Good news!

I had a nice bowl of old fashioned porridge again this morning, much like the one I had here.  It was a delicious start to my day!

Then it was on to jobs jobs jobs..

First up was to drive downtown to pick up a vital piece of my wedding attire, my DRESS! It’s now officially in my possession, woop woop!!!

Wedding dress

Wedding dress in the houuusse!

The wonderful ladies at Marina Morrison made sure to wrap it in tissue paper and then another layer of plastic before putting it in the garment bag, to make sure that nothing is spilled on it during the flight.  Chloe also told me to insist that I have it hung in the closet at the front of the airplane.  When I told her that I was going to try my best she responded “no no, you must insist, this is your wedding dress!” Alright Chloe, if you say so!

From the bridal salon, it was off to the bank to make sure that we have enough cash on hand for our day of travelling tomorrow.  After a quick stop home, some eye drops for Annie and some more packing, it was off the nail spa!

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the question of nail colour for the big day.  A trivial and completely ridiculous thing to worry about? Yes! But, what can I say? I’m a monster! I was going back and forth between french tips and a more nude nail.  After seeing the options available for a gel manicure (my first gel one!) I decided to go with a pale pink, slightly sparkly option for the hands, and a fun coral for my toesies since you won’t really see them with my dress.

Coral nails

Ahhhhh pampering!

Bridal Nails

Little bit o’ sparkle!

It really is a nice feeling just sitting and being buffed and polished and massaged for a good 45 minutes.  I’ll take that any day! I’m very interested to see how this gel polish goes.  It’s said to last about 2 weeks which sounds incredible since my polish rarely lasts longer than a couple of days!

This afternoon has been spent with more packing, checking and re-checking lists, keeping a close eye on Annie girl and a quick lunch break.

Lunch wrap

Lunch Wrap!

I had a ham, cheese, salad and ketchup wrap to fill the bellies.  It was goo-ood!

In a little while we have to take Annie over to our friends house and drop her off.  I’m so sad about not seeing her for two whole weeks but I do feel better knowing that she’ll be with friends instead of a pet sitter while she’s not feeling well.

After dropping Annie, we’ll be heading to Silicon Valley to drop our car at Chris’ work since we are flying back in to San Jose in two weeks.  We’ll be caltrain-ing it back home and settling in for a light dinner and an early night so we can be ready for our 6:30am ride to the airport!


I have just heard from my parents that they are safe and sound in Hawaii! They said it’s beautiful and warm warm warm! Ohhhhh I can’t wait to be there.  I need some sun, some family times and a good stiff tropical drink.

Hope you’re all having a lovely afternoon!





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