Last Work Day!!

Woop Woop! We are now 48 hours from go-time!

A large number of our friends and family have already left for Hawaii or are leaving today, so after hearing and seeing lots of excited messages, facebook posts and phone calls, we are beyond ready to be there ourselves!

I think Chris and I both woke up feeling particularly motivated today, with Chris heading to the gym at 5:30.  We spent the morning chatting and getting Annie all bathed in preparation for her big puppy sitting adventures starting tomorrow.

When Chris headed off to work, a very wet Annie and I headed downstairs to get in a quick at-home workout.  I turned to one of my favourite blogs, blondeponytail for some tough but quick workout inspiration.  I did Jess’s ‘Sculpt Your Arms’ and ‘Ab Attack’.  I like that they were strength moves that got my heart rate up a little bit but not too much.  I am still having fevers, so am trying to stay at a relatively stable temperature.  I am seriously craving a big cardio session!  I hope that once I land in Hawaii, I’ll be feeling 100% so I can get out and have some nice runs on the beach!

Ab Attack

Attacking those Abs!

Next up was breakfast and I was in the mood for some good old peanut butter.  I toasted up a sourdough english muffin and topped it with thinly sliced apple and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It went down a treat!

peanut butter apple muffin


There are definitely more things on the to do list today, but I did accomplish a couple of things yesterday which was a nice feeling! I made it to the bank to move some money around, make sure we have what we need on hand etc, got my engagement ring all cleaned up and sparkling and finally bought a new bikini.  It is impossible to find a bikini at any of the big stores at this time of the year so I headed to a shop called ‘Canyon Beachwear’ in the Marina based on a recommendation from a friend.

New 'kinis!

New ‘kinis! yay!

all sparkled up

All sparkled up!

Now I’m sitting here, going over my lists and watching the first episode of Nashville that I missed last night.  Ooooo It’s going to be a good one!

OK, I am off to get ready for work.

Have a good day everyone!




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