Love Note.

With one week to go until our big day, I have been spending a lot of the day (while of course closely supervising my little bosses) thinking about Chris and what an enormous impact he has had on my life.

Seeing as on this day next week we will be taking the plunge into the wonderful world of marriage and out of this very fun engagement stage, I thought this would be a good time to do a little ode to my love.  Sorry for the sappiness!

For Chris…

A couple of years ago I could never have imagined that such a love would come into my life.  It happened in the most unlikely of ways, in the most unlikely of places.  For a guy from Long Island and a girl from Bowral Australia, meeting and falling in love in Tahoe of all places was pretty unreal.  We only had two months together before I had to go home to finish University but those were two of the best months I have ever had.  It was amazing to feel a connection to someone so unbelievably fast and to feel like you could talk to that person forever.  We knew that at the very least, we were going to be friends for life.

Chris and Fizz 1

Chris and Fizz the early days!

Of course after only a day separated by the great big pacific, we knew that ‘friends’ was not our destiny.  I had found in Chris a friendship, a trust, a love and a relationship that I’d only ever heard about (and seen in my parents).  He was always thoughtful, always respectful, always listened and always, always made me laugh.  It was during these 10 months apart that we began our life together…a life of fun, of adventure and most importantly, an unwavering love.

Chris and Fizz 2

Chris and Fizz…adventure times!

On August 6th 2011, Chris asked me to marry him.  An easier question to answer, has never been asked.  I couldn’t believe that this incredible guy wanted to marry me, wanted me for life (it’s hard to imagine, but I’m not always a walk in the park!)! People ask you how you know if someone’s ‘the one’, and how you know when you’re ready to marry someone.  I don’t know if you ever really know if and when you’re ‘ready’ but when a person is on their knee in front of you and asks the question, and you look at that person and can’t wait to say ‘YES’ then that’s a pretty good indication! There was no hesitation, no second guesses.  The love of my life was going to be my husband.

Chris and Fizz 3

Chris and Fizz…engaged!

The past (almost) three years have been the most amazing of my life.  I have learned so much about myself, what I want out of life, what I’m capable of and what’s important to me.  We have grown so much as individuals and together.

People say that happiness isn’t in just having a solid relationship, it’s in building a world with someone.  I can’t wait for this day next week, and every day that follows that I get to spend with my best friend.  I am grateful for the fun, the love, the support and the friendship that Chris brings into my life every single day.

Chris…thank you for building a world with me.  T- 7 DAYS!!!

Chris and Fizz 4

Chris and Fizz…our world


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