Each Kindness.

Today started out like a lovely one, I woke up feeling a smidge better than yesterday and set off downstairs to make some breakfast and tea.

Good old porridge was on the menu for today.  I placed 1/2 a cup of old fashioned oats in a microwave safe bowl and added water until the oats were just covered and a couple floated to the top (very precise, huh?).  I then zapped it for 90 seconds, stirred and zapped again for 30 seconds.  I topped it off with a tablespoon of wheat germ, a good sprinkling of dark brown sugar and a splash of 2% milk for creaminess. Perfecto!

Old fashioned porridge

Breakfast mixings

And voila!

Old fashioned porridge

Old fashioned porridge delight!

I settled in to eat my warm deliciousness and watch the wedding video of two of my friends from home who were married in September.  I was so upset that Chris and I couldn’t make it to the wedding, so was so happy to be able to see the video and see how it all went down.  Ahhhh…wow! If you’re in the mood to feel some serious warm and fuzzy’s this morning and/or just love wedding videos as much as me check it out here.  Their videographer did such an amazing job of capturing their love and their fun personalities! Awwwwww!

I was feeling all loved up and happy after watching this, and was so excited to get stuck into my cup-o-tea.  And then….it turned on me!

Tea fail!

Epic tea fail!

Fail! Hot tea all over my jeans.  Grrrrrr.  It’s amazing how quickly one little tiny thing can turn your mood from good to bad.  I had to race upstairs to find something else to wear, was running late for work and the worst part, had no delicious tea in me.  On the drive to work I was cranky and not feeling good.  As my girlfriends say, I was ‘in a foul’.

When I arrived at work, the mum of the family told me about a new book that had been sent to her by a publisher she was considering for her new children’s book (she’s a wonderful writer) and that if I got a chance I should flip through it.  Well, I’m really glad I did flip through it because it was like it was sent to me as a reminder to cool it!

Each Kindness

Each Kindness by Jaqueline Woodson

It was a sweet story about little kids in school not taking the time to be kind to the new girl that comes into class.  She plays by herself every day while everyone whispers about her.  She finally moves away without the kids getting the chance to be kind.  A good reminder! I especially liked this page…

Each Kindness

Be kind!

Message received! I will be calm and will be sending kindness out into the world, I promise!


Tea 2.0



I now have a new cup of tea and all is right with the world!

I hope you’re all out there having a nice morning and planning to send out some kindness ripples of your own.



See you all later!






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