Brace Yourselves!

This is going to be a long one…


I had lunch at work today which I don’t usually do.  Well, I do usually eat lunch at work but I typically take my own.  Today I was at the mercy of the families fridge, which is actually usually pretty great! They’re very big into healthy, organic food so there is always something fresh and tasty to have when I do need a little snack (they always tell me to help myself to anything, I’m not stealing I promise!).

A couple of things caught my eye; baby arugula (rocket for those playing at home), raspberries and organic deli chicken.  Hmmmm what to do? Weird salad it is!

Spicy fruity salad

Weird spicy fruity delicious salad!

I mixed everything up and added some shredded monterey jack cheese and a splash of balsamic vinegar to dress it all up! Surprisingly it was awesome! It was kinda spicy from the arugula, kinda sweet from the raspberries and salty from the vinegar.  It was goo-ood! I paired it with a mozzarella cheese stick, being a kid was the best!

Work today was good! I was feeling a bit better which meant that my patience levels were much higher, which is always a good thing! The kiddies had music class in the afternoon so we wandered up there and back for a nice 40 minute walk.  Music class is seriously cute and it’s always interesting to see parents and nannies with their kids.  There are some parents/nannies who are really laid back and go with the flow, letting their kids play and shake the instruments how they please.  Then there’s the ones who you can tell are a little bit embarrassed to join in the dancing and singing and scarf swinging (I’m definitely not one of them, I shake those scarves like it’s my business!).  The final group are the perfectionists.  They are the ones who have to take the instruments from their kids to show them the ‘right’ way to do it, emphasise keeping the beat and just being so serious! It’s always an interesting mix of people but it’s fun and the kids love it!

There was also a new book at work today called ‘Homer’ which was sooo cute and written about a dog and how much the dog loves it’s ‘people’.  Inside the front cover was a saying that struck home with be big time…

Dog love

True Dat!

It made me sad thinking about dropping Annie off this coming Saturday for two full weeks!! Waaahhh 😦


I came home from work hungry for some dinn-ah! I had a very specific craving; meat, rice and roasted veggies.  So that’s exactly what we had! I popped some jasmine rice in our rice cooker which is always fun because it plays the ‘twinkle twinkle’ tune when you push the ‘cook’ button! While it was cooking away, I peeled some sweet potatoes and chopped them up along with a red pepper (capsicum), tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted them for a good 50 minutes.  Crunchy perfection!  For the meat portion, I chopped some basic thin cut beef and lightly seared them with some onion, peas and corn and a bit of reduced sodium soy sauce.

Pop it all together and you get something like zis…


Meaty, ricey and veggie-ey!

It was delish and I loved getting some good veggies in the system.  They’re filling, healthy and delicious!



Pack pack packing!

I started to tackle one of the big things on my to-do list…packing! I find packing really hard.  Even though I have a list written down of the exact things I want to take, I always feel like I’m packing the wrong things.  Right now I’m realising that I have very little shirts so I ask myself ‘do I need more shirts? Or am I going to be wearing dresses more? If I don’t take the shirts will I miss them?’ It’s a stressful process!

Wedding ring

Wedding ring!!


One thing I will be sure to have is what’s in this little baby…

<—— My wedding ring!!! I am so in love with my ring (which you will all get to see once it’s safely on my finger!).  With my engagement ring being an antique and an interesting shape, it was hard to find something that fit with it both shape wise and look wise.  I tried on a few rings at big jewellery shops and they just looked too new and shiny against my ring.  I finally struck gold at Lang’s Antique’s downtown and am thrilled with it!  I am also very excited to see Chris’ finger with a ring on it!! This is reminding me how much I still have to do! Eeeeeek!


Tomorrow marks exactly one week to the wedding and Chris and I are both beyond ready to get to Hawaii, have a fruity cocktail and mix it up with our best buddies and families.  Come onnnnnn Sunday!

Wow, I’m sorry for the long post!  Have a good night!







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