Crazy Bride?

Last night was pretty mellow around our neck of the woods.  We watched some TV while listening to the craziness that was the Burning Man Decompression (that continued until about midnight and then onwards at several ‘after parties’ around the place) while waiting for the new Revenge to come on.  Ohhhh Revenge, you are so bad in the best possible way, one of my faves “Amanda Clarke no longer exists”.  It’s also fun to watch how weird Madeleine Stowe’s face gets with every passing week.  Best!

Now I am up bright and early (I actually slept last night!) and am actually feeling a bit better this morning, which is great news since I have quite the day ahead of me.

I maintain that through this whole wedding planning process, I have been pretty good.  I’ve definitely had my full blown crazy moments, but I think for the most part they have been few and far between (Chris might whistle a different tune however!).  I haven’t insisted on having anything absurdly expensive, I haven’t instructed my bridesmaids on what colour their hair needs to be (I can’t believe people really do this) and I haven’t put myself on any insane diets or workout plans (just general healthy living).  Today however, might just push me into crazy zone.

Today, I am driving to Tahoe City and back…to get my hair done.  Yes, that means I will be spending roughly 7 hours driving for a hair colour and cut.  Crazy? Very possibly.

There is some method to my madness though I swear! Since moving to San Francisco, I have found it impossible to get a good hair colour/cut.  I found this really strange because I’ve always thought of really good hairdressers to be centred around cities! Apparently not in my case.  I have been to several hairdressers searching for my right colour.  I had a hairdresser at home that I went to every time because every time I went, it came out perfectly.  I think what I’m after is relatively simple too.  I just want fine, natural honey and blonde highlights…rocket science? I think not!

Every time I’ve been, it’s either been way too light and turned yellow very fast, my roots have been worse then when I went in or I end up with highlights that look like tiger stripes.  I even turned to dying my hair really dark because I couldn’t take it (or afford it) anymore!

Hair Fail

Hair Fails

So anyway, long story short.  One day I was chatting to my girlfriend Amber who lives up in Tahoe and noticed how nice and fine and natural her highlights were.  When she said that she got it done right there in Tahoe City, I bit the bullet and decided to take a chance on a small town salon instead.  Maybe they’ll actually listen!?

So for now I am sitting here eating my breakfast of Weetabix and muesli, sipping my cup of tea and prepping for a big day of driving with my mini co-pilot Annie dog.

Hopefully she doesn’t spend the entire trip sitting like this…


Annie’s favourite spot!

Wish me luck!




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