Burning Man in the City!

This afternoon started off with a little more new camera exploration.  It’s seriously so fun to play around with a new camera.  It’s so nice to go from perfectly average photo quality to really great photo quality woohoo! And yes, more Annie stalking was involved!

Messing about

Button heart!

Sweetie Girl

Sweetie Girl!


Black and White me! Hello!!

Ok Ok sorry, enough of that! Moving on…

I had a quick ham, cheese, red lettuce leaf salad mix and avocado wrap for lunch and then Chris and I went out and about exploring!

There has been so much happening in San Francisco this weekend, it’s insane.  There’s Hardly Strictly Blues Festival in Golden Gate Park, the Blue Angels for Fleet Week, the Giants in a big playoff game and the Decompression street party for Burning Man!

The Burning Man shindig happened to be going on right in our neighbourhood and was free for locals.  Chris and I are not the Burning Man types, but we’ve definitely been curious about it and have lots of friends who have either gone a lot in the past or who still make the trek out to Black Rock City every year for the ‘burn’.  Since it was supposed to be kind of like a mini Burning Man, was walking distance and free we thought why not check it out?!

It was very surreal to see so many people in such crazy and awesome outfits right in the middle of the city (although truth be told, if there was ever a city to see it, SF would be it!).  The energy was high, people were having a great time and there were some really cool things to see!

The art that was there and the installations that people had built were really amazing.  They had some structures there that weren’t actually operating, but had big signs explaining what they do when they’re actually out in the desert.  Crazy fire machines! Unbelievable!

The music that was happening was really good, there was lots to see and It definitely made for some quality people watching! I was especially happy to see how relaxed everyone was, no aggression, no pushing and shoving just people having a good time!


Was it cool? Yep, definitely.

Is the art good? It’s awesome.

Does it look really fun? It sure does!

Did it change my mind about going to BM? Nope!

Here’s some of what we saw…

Burning Man Decompression

Burning Man Decompression Street Fair

The ladies at the roller disco were especially awesome! They had a whole routine worked out.  Man those ladies can skate!

After wandering the party for a while and checking it all out, we ended up right nearby Piccino where we ate dinner on Friday night.  We stopped in for a nice glass of wine and some of their delicious housemade crackers while soaking up some sunshine.



All in all, a fun and cool way to spend the afternoon!

Now we’re back relaxing, watching some football and feeling like death (well, me at least!).  Waaaah! You better believe chicken noodle soup is on the agenda for tonight (thanks Chris!!).

See you guys later!




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