Tabata! And date night!

After fluffing around the apartment for a while this afternoon eating lunch, watching Glee (OMG! Dramaaa!) and chatting on Skype, it was finally time to bite the bullet and do the second part of my Friday workout (read more about the first part here).  I decided against Body Pump this evening because I wanted to be showered, get some laundry done and be ready before Chris got home from work.

So…I went in search of a workout that would be relatively quick, hard, and a good strength workout for my leggies. I was not disappointed in what I found!

I have been reading a lot about Tabata training throughout the week on different blogs, fitness websites etc and I actually downloaded a free Tabata timing app from the iTunes app store the other day, so it has been on my mind.  When I stumbled upon Blonde Ponytails’ Lean Legs workout that could be done as a Tabata, I was excited to try it!

For those of you who don’t know, Tabata is a type of interval training and it is tough! In a nut shell, it’s 20 seconds ‘on’, 10 second ‘rest’ X 8 sets.  So for instance, if you were running you would run as fast as you could for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and then go again for 20 seconds but you would do that 8 times which makes up a 4 minute workout.  The Lean legs workout lists 5 different exercises, so I Tabata’d (is that a word??) each move making up a 20 minute butt kicking, sweaty workout.  When Jess over at  Blonde Ponytail says that doing this routine in Tabata will “shred your legs”, she’s right! My legs were buuuurrrrrnniiinnnng! The bottom-half jacks were especially hard for me! Luckily I had my exercise coach there to help me through! Hi Annie!


Tabata = Hardddd Work!

I felt great when I finished! My legs were definitely tired but it was a good kind of tired.  I think Tabata training will definitely be on the schedule for me on a regular basis from now on.

Once I was showered, not a sweaty mess presentable again and the laundry was done, I was glad I skipped body pump because….date night was here!

Chris and I decided to head to Piccino, a great restaurant that’s nearby to us.  I love it there because they serve things like cheese plates, pasta, pizzas etc but they are all sooo light and fresh and tasty that you never leave feeling like you ate your bodyweight in Italian deliciousness.

Tonight we started by splitting the Monterey calamari with artichokes, cherry tomatoes and a chilli aioli (delicious) before moving onto our mains.  I had the simple margherita pizza which is so simple, but everything from the sauce to the crust is perfect! Chris had the beef cheeks with some sort of amazing bean puree that was so freakin’ awesome!! I didn’t manage to snap any pics of dinner, but I did get a pic of dessert of course!

Hazelnut chocolate torta


We split the Hazelnut chocolate torta that had a biscuit type base and was served with roasted hazelnuts and a salted caramel sauce.  Ahhhhhhhh YUP amazing.  I love anything chocolate when it comes to dessert but I love it even more when it has a salty kick to it.

This was, to me, what dessert dreams are made of!

With dinner and a couple of glasses of wine under our belts, we headed home to relax, pop the TV on and hang out with Annie before hitting the sack.  Chris has plans for an early surf tomorrow and we have a fair amount of wedding related stuff to get done this weekend, our last full one in the city before HAWAII!!

Fun Friday nights are the best! I hope you’re having one!


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