Sick Day! Booo!

Noooooooo! My sneaking suspicion that a cold was creeping up on me before hitting the sack last night has come true!  Actually, I’ve had the sniffles for a couple of days now but I was doing a great job of ignoring it.  Yesterday late afternoon, my throat was feeling scratchy and looking a bit red, and as of 4:30 this morning, it is full on raging red, sore and swollen.  Fail!!

Needless to say, sleeping after 5am today was pretty much a no go.  So instead of sleeping, I snuck downstairs and did two of my favourite activities….watched back to back Gilmore Girls episodes and scoured the internet catching up on my favourite blogs.   It was during my time on the good old interwebs that a breakfast on  caught my eye.  It was fruity and french toasty and maple syrupy all rolled into one.  Feeling crappy + Delicious breakfast = Day Brightener!

So I set off to make a slightly adjusted version of Julie’s French Toast Strips.

I used whole wheat La Tortilla Factory tortillas to make the strips.  I tore two into strips because I wasn’t sure how many I would need (FYI 2 is too many for one person, lesson learned!).  I dunked the strips into a mixture of 2 beaten eggs with a splash of almond milk and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon before popping them onto the pan.

French toast strips

Beaten eggs and cinnamon

They came off the pan a little bit crunchy and smelling like french toast heaven!

French toast strips


Then I headed over to my trusty little food processor to mix up the filling for these bad boys.  The original recipe calls for raspberries, cottage cheese and a splash of milk.

I used the following for mine;

*1/4 C Frozen Strawberries

*1/4 C Cottage Cheese

* 1 Small Banana

* A splash of almond milk (for future reference I would omit the milk, it made it a bit too runny)

French toast strips

All ready for mixin’

It came out looking a little something like zis…

French toast strips

Pretty in pink!

I then layered up the strips with the Strawberry fluff mixture and topped them with a good drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkling of extra cinnamon.   And they were gooooooooood!

Strawberry fluff French toast Strips

Mmmm mmmmm!

They were so delicious and really tasted like french toast.  All the flavour with none of the guilt, perfecto!

I’m hoping to squeeze in a workout a bit later on today but we’ll see.  I may take a rest day since the rest of the weekend and all of next week are busy busy busy with wedding errands!

I’m off to down a cup of tea with some lemon and honey.  Immune system, ACTIVATE!!







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