One Busy Little Afternoon!

Well, it’s been a busy little afternoon around here (if you hadn’t already guessed by the title of this post!).  Before Chris got home from his surfing morning, I got busy doing some wedding stuff so that I could keep checking things off my many ‘to do’ lists! Crossing things off the lists is a great feeling!

In case you’re wondering what it looks like to pack twelve big blue mason jars in a suitcase to check on the plane, here it is! A whole bag of glass…great!


Bubble wrap galore!!

This actually took a long time to do! It is a complex web of layers upon layers of precisely placed bubble wraps and soft things to protect the jars! Save the jars!!

Then I moved on to some wedding errands of the paper variety.  I had to print out a copy of the reading that my girlfriend Loz will be doing at the wedding and also print out note cards for our ‘welcome bags’.  We are putting together bags for everyone when they get in with little Hawaiian goodies, a basic itinerary and note cards that have info on how to post photos to our wedding app – we are soo tech savvy (if that means not tech savvy at all)!

By the time all of these wedding bits and pieces were done, lunch was calling to me! “Feed meeeeee! Feeeed meeeeee!”.  And I listened! I fixed myself some comfort food that always reminds me of home.  Anyone tried a ham, cheese and tomato sauce (ketchup) sandwich? If you haven’t, let it be your mission for the day! You won’t be sorry! I mixed it up a little bit by adding a good amount of avocado and putting it on a toasted sourdough english muffin, yum! I paired the mini sandwich with the world’s biggest apple!!!


Ham, cheese and tomato sauce delight! HOLY APPLE!

This apple was seriously a meal all in itself.  I couldn’t get over it! I sliced it up (I’m a sliced fruit gal) and it stuffed me right up!

When lunch was done, it was off to get some jobs done!

Sports Basement

Sporting goods heaven

Chris and I headed to ‘Sports Basement’ which is one of the best shops in the city! Floors and floors of fun sports clothes, sporting goods and accessories.  It’s so fun shopping in these places because there’s not the pressure of shopping for a dressy outfit.  Exercise clothes are cute and fun to look at!

I snatched up a new sports bra, shorts and a top from the sale rack, score!! And Chris got some new boardies (board shorts) and shorts for Hawaii! Double score!!

Then, came the really fun part! Chris and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about what we wanted to do for each other in terms of wedding presents.  We didn’t want to do anything crazy but we wanted it to be something special.  After some discussion, we decided to go halfsies in a new nice camera and give it to each other.  I wrote to my brother for some advice (he’s a bit of a camera expert and a great photographer) and he recommended a couple of cameras by Sony.  After looking at both the Sony RX100 (sounded like an awesome up market point and shoot) and the Sony NEX-5N (an interchangeable lens camera that was all around awesome and the same price as the RX100) we decided on the latter.  WOOHOO!!! Check this baby out…

Sony NEX-5N

New Camera! Woop Woop!!

Can you spy Annie’s head?

I can’t wait for it to be all charged up and ready to go.  No more crappy photos! Hooray! I think this will do the job of taking some awesome photos of our time in Hawaii and capturing all the amazing moments of our honeymoon.  Very exciting!

We got home from our jobs and rushed upstairs to the roof to catch a glimpse of the famous Blue Angels that are flying around the city as a part of Fleet Week in San Francisco (before Chris set off the fire alarm by accident, ooops!).  They are so loud and sooo fast! I tried my best to get a picture of one, and kinnnnddaaa succeeded!

blue angel

There it is! Isn’t it a beautiful day in the bay!?

They really are so cool to see! I’ve never seen it myself, but apparently they fly under the bridge and everything! Crazy!

See!? I told you it was a busy little afternoon around here.

After rushing around for a while, I’m feeling very stuffy and crappy again.  I think it’s time to pop in a movie and chillax with my loves for a while.

See ya later!




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