The Little Things…

It’s the weekend! Hooooraaaayyy! And it’s still sunny, double hooray!!

I finished off a relatively easy day of work at 1:30, although my patience was MIA and dealing with a 21 month old and 3 and a half year old was a bit of a test! After finishing up work I headed off to get some jobs done.  First up…wash the car! There is nothing like a good car wash.  I love the feeling when it’s all shiny clean and you feel like the sun catches everywhere on the car and makes it sparkle! Then I had to get little Annie girl some food since we are completely out, and then on to pick up Chris’ dry cleaning.

We go to a local dry cleaner which is owned and operated by a man who is very, very chatty and constantly talks about Chris and my bright blue eyes and how amazing our kid’s eyes will be.  He seriously loves a good chin wag.  Last time I was there dropping off some shirts, I happened to mention that Chris’ wedding shirt was amongst the bunch.  Well…today when I went to pick up the shirts, there was a big note on the bag saying “Have a Great Wedding! From Dave” and the shirts were on the house! I was floored! I know it’s not an elaborate show of best wishes but I was so touched by his generosity and it made me think about the little things in life.  The owner of the laundromat probably doesn’t know that he made my day by that gesture and that I left the shop with a huge smile on my face!

When my girlfriend Jess was visiting from L.A, we were flipping through wedding magazines and talking all things wedding, when I noticed her beautiful Kate Spade wallet sitting on the table (she always has the most beautiful things!).  It reminded me of a necklace that I’d seen around the Pinterest world by Kate Spade that was a simple gold necklace that said ‘Mrs’.  I mentioned it totally offhand and in a fleeting moment and didn’t think anything of it.  Then! Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a little package waiting for me.  I opened it up, and I found this!

Kate Spade Mrs

I can’t wait to wear this!!

I couldn’t believe that Jess had heard that tiny thing I’d said, remembered it and made such an effort to get it for me.  I was so excited!

Now, I know that this wasn’t exactly a ‘little thing’ since I know that Kate Spade isn’t exactly budget friendly.  But, the fact that she cared so much about something that I’d mentioned just in passing and had really listened to me is a little thing that meant the world to me! Now I can’t wait to put this little baby on in one week from today! And I’ll always remember that she bought it for me.  Special!

My mission now for the weekend is to remember that the little things really do make up the big things.  I am going to do my best to make little things brighten up the weekend for as many people as I can.  Whether it’s holding the door for someone or popping a quarter in an expired meter ( I love doing that!) I will make a difference to someone this weekend. Will you??



Lunch time was calling to me once I made it home after my jobs so with the help of La Tortilla Factory wholewheat tortillas, I whipped up a delicious wrap.  I loaded it up with LOTS of avocado, red leaf lettuce mix, black forest ham and a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.

I love a good wrap for lunch.  I love that they’re filling but not because they’re heavy on bread or carbs, but because of what you fill em’ up with! I love padding mine out with lots of salad goodies to fill up both the wrap, and me!

It was pretty darn wraptastic!!



I was still feeling like a little something extra (and wanted an excuse to eat my newest snack obsession) so I took out a Quakers Buttered Popcorn flavoured rice cake.  These are sooooo good! Of course I spread mine with a little swipe of Nutella because chocolate flavours + popcorn flavours = Amaazzzeee!

snack attack

Snack Attack!

Now I have big plans to catch up on Glee and get some sunshine into my skin before heading off to complete part 2 of my workout for today…strength! I’m not exactly sure what I feel like doing.  I have a spot in 5:30 Body Pump booked but since Chris hinted at some sort of date night, I think I might want to be done and dusted, and showered (!) before then!

We’ll see!




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