Drama Drama!

Well this afternoon’s workout did not go exactly as I’d planned! After agreeing to work an extra half hour at the last minute so the mum of my nanny family could get some extra work done, I was already behind my schedule of wanting to go straight from work to the gym.  I jumped in the car to make it there with enough time before I would need to get home to let the hound out.  Then, I realised I didn’t have any headphones, and since running was on the agenda today there was NO way I was going without them.

And so my plans changed to swing past home, let Annie out for a quick walk, grab my headphones and head straight back out.  Not exactly how it played out!

After I’d taken Annie out and was back in the house getting ready to head off, I started to hear lots and LOTS of sirens.  Fire engines, police, you name it! I went out on the balcony to see what was going on when a man yelled up to me pointing over our building to the one behind. I grabbed my keys and headed out to see what was going on.  When I got the corner, fire engines and police cars had the streets completely blocked off and the building directly behind ours was billowing a lot of smoke! When they cleared everyone out of the area, I headed back to the apartment.  By now I was way to scared to go to the gym and leave Annie at home just incase our building somehow caught ablaze!

I mean, how could I leave this little face?


Annie! I’ll protect you!

I watched some Gilmore Girls (my fave!) and had a quick chat with my mum and sis on the Skypes.  When I was convinced that the fire was under control (and the internet dropped out) I knew it was now or never! I laced up and headed out the door before lack of motivation took over.

Go fizz go!

Quick! Before the motivation wears off!

I made it! I jumped on the treadmill and busted out a quick 3 miles on 1.0 incline in 27 minutes.

Then I moved on to tackle an Upper Body Superset Workout courtesy of Julie over at pbfingers.com.  It’s made up of 3 mini supersets and calls for 3 sets of each superset before moving on.  It was quick and sweaty and my arms were definitely buurrrrninnggg! The mantra running through my head?? “Think of the wedding dress, think of the wedding dress!”.

I topped it off with 15 quick in-and-outs (described here) and a 30 sec plank. All in all, a good hour long workout.  Success!


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