Choco-nana Protein Smoothie!

Even though I woke up to a pretty dark and chilly morning, I was in the mood for a smoothie breakfast!  This is probably because when I was talking to my sister yesterday she mentioned that she’d had a smoothie for her breakfast too.  We are big time smoothie-for-breakfast lovers!

I knew I wanted my smoothie to have some staying power today so I needed to amp up the protein a bit.

I used; Chocolate protein powder, a frozen banana, some wheat germ, oats, honey, greek yogurt and almond milk.  Winner!

Choco-nana Protein Smoothie

The makings of breakfast!

After getting all the ingredients together, in it went into our little Cuisinart blender.  Our blender actually has a sweet little story behind it.  When I first moved in with Chris, I wanted to contribute something to the apartment (and also wanted to be able to make smoothies!).  Since I was a little light on the money at the time I bought him our plain as plain Cuisinart.  It works ok but it definitely makes a loud ‘I’m struggling’ noise and gets kinda hot! It miiighht be time to upgrade soon.  But anyway, when I bought it for him it felt a lot like when Brian buys Annie a blender in ‘Father of the Bride’ (Best!) and she nearly calls off the wedding because of it! Luckily, Chris didn’t take the whole blender buying to heart and the wedding is on track 🙂

Choco-nana Protein Smoothie

Go little blender! Go!

When it was all blended up, it made for quite the breakfast treat! It was thick and chocolatey and banana-y and very filling! Of course you can change it up as much as you like; use vanilla instead of chocolate protein powder for a more banana bread like taste, add some cottage cheese for a bit of a cheesecake hint….options are endless with smoothie delights!

After downing the smoothie, getting the teeth brushed and the clothes on, it was off to work.  I have a lot of wedding related emailing to do this morning and then I have a hot date with the treadmill and Julie’s Upper Body Superset Workout .  Going to be a tough one!

Wedding Countdown: 2 WEEKS!!

Choco-nana Protein Smoothie



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