No Workout Morning Breakfast!

With all the wonderfulness that has been surrounding the amazing weather in San Francisco over the past couple of days, the heat in our apartment is not one of them!

This place was not built for warm weather! We live in a loft style apartment where the bedroom is upstairs but only has a waist high wall and no windows.  The heat rises up there, and stays there! Last night it was like sleeping in a sauna! Even with the fan on, it was just uncomfortable (probably not helped by the fact that Annie was smushed in right next to me).

After tossing and turning all night and having a generally bad night’s sleep, I was tired and grumpy and a little bit out of it this morning.  I typically exercise 6 days a week and I actually really like working out on the weekends so one of the week days typically falls as my no workout day.  After a crappy sleep, today was officially declared “No Workout Day!”.  I feel good about today because the kids have music class this afternoon which is a 3 mile round trip walk with a double stroller, up hill so I’ll still get a nice stretch and get my heart rate up a bit.

Since I had some extra time to lounge around this morning, I decided to make a real sit down breakfast…for one.  I wanted to use up the rest of my canned pumpkin after yesterday’s Pumpkin and Greek Yogurt Loaf and after some talk of pancakes last weekend, I decided to whip up some healthified ones.

Choc-pumpkin protein pancakes

Wheat Germ, yum!

After searching through the cupboards to see what I had and could use, I found appropriate culprits laying around including canned pumpkin, chocolate protein powder, cottage cheese, oats and spices.  After blending all the ingredients together, I popped them on a sprayed pan and let the pancaking begin!  They turned out great if not a teeeeeny bit doughy for my liking, but it’s entirely my fault.  These suckers take a while to cook through and I was feeling waayyy too impatient this morning!

After turning them out on a plate, topping with some maple syrup, sliced bananas and a sprinkling of Wheat Germ for extra healthiness, it was on to the eating!

They were not the prettiest pancakes I’ve ever seen (due in large part to my lack of patience) but they were finger lickin’ good and added a nice protein punch to my morning!

Choc-pumpkin protein pancakes

  Pancakey- cakey-cake!

Pancake time!

A little pancake/jammies time.

Yes, those are pink pyjama pants with hearts on them.  Breakfast was a casual affair this morning!

Work is on the agenda for today, but it’s another beautiful day out there, so no complaints in here!

Choc-protein pumpkin pancakes

Choc-Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

This recipe made two decent sized pancakes, perfect for one person.  ENJOY!




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