Sunday Night Football

Well, it’s Sunday night which in this house means one thing…football! Actually, pretty much the whole weekend means football around here, but Sunday night especially!

Football is one thing that I have definitely had to get used to living in the US of A.  Just trying to wrap my head around a game that lasts for up to 3 hours and has an entire day of the weekend dedicated to it is an ongoing process, but I’m learning! The major trouble for me is that I want to know what’s happening so I can understand, when for example, it’s a big play in the game without Chris nudging me and saying "This is a BIG play!".  But for me to understand what’s going on, I really have to concentrate, which makes watching games at bars hard! Really hard! They usually don’t have the sound on the TV’s so I don’t get to hear the official explain what happened (my favourite cheating trick!).  So if I’m trying to watch the game, I miss out on the conversations with buddies, if I’m chatting with buddies, I miss what’s happening in the games, I’m out of the loop! It’s a lose lose.

Tonight is my favourite way to watch football, with some friends in our apartment.  I can pause, rewind, Google NFL rules if necessary, the best!

I did have a pretty exciting first season as an NFL supporter last year though.  Since Chris was born and raised on Long Island New York, he is a NY Giants fan for life, and I’ve been adopted to the clan.  And of course we all know who won the super bowl last year…ahem, G Men!  And yes, I definitely maintain that I am the reason for it. Lucky Charm Fizz!

Photo Source

Ok WOW!  Enough football talk! (I think my dad will be proud!).  The other best part of Sunday night is that it usually means delicious dinners.

This afternoon we hung out with our friends Jess, Dylan, Jenny, David and Sarah and cooed over little baby Mac and his ridiculously cute baby snorts.  We also snacked on some cheese and crackers and I crunched on some baby tomatoes while Dylan busted out some of his good wine, yeaaahh!

Come dinner time back at the apartment I wasn’t too too hungry but wasn’t going to opt out of some Chinese delivery, I mean, it would be rude right?!

Sorry for the weird yellow photo, creepy!

I had a lettuce wrap with chicken, basil and cashew filling (delish!), some steamed rice, a pot sticker (average in my opinion), crab Rangoon and a bit of steamed pork bun (my fave!).  It was all pretty darn good!

And then, a wonderful thing happened.  While reaching into the fortune cookie bag, I spied it…the most delicious of surprises, the ultimate Chinese treat…a sesame ball!! I actually went like this "sesame balls?? YESSSSS!" They are THE BEST! I don’t know what it is about them… is it that they’re sweet and yet at the same time weirdly savoury? Is it that they’re sticky but also slimy? I don’t know, all I know is they are freaking’ awesome!

My dessert plate!  And I thought my fortune was creepily particularly pertinent after today’s post about getting back what you put in.  If you missed it, catch it here.

Well, I am off to catch the rest of the Giants/Eagles game.  It’s all tied up at 10 all right now. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful night! I’m hoping to get up with Chris to make it to the gym before work at 5:30 am tomorrow, wish me luck! See you in the morning!



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