Falling Back

Another thing that October represents is full on fall (Autumn for those playing at home).

Autumn was always my favourite season at home (with summer being a very very close second).  I loved watching the trees turn in the small town I grew up in, I loved the tiny hint of crispness in the air and best of all in Australia, with fall being in April it meant birthday month!!

My hometown in Autumn             

Photo Source

I was really excited to experience the fall when I moved to the States.  I was excited to really ‘do’ Halloween, my first thanksgiving and pumpkin carving (something I’m still yet to do!). 

My first Halloween was a blast! Chris and I dressed up as Bacon (him) and eggs (me) and partied it up in Tahoe with some buddies.  And in our old neighbourhood there was a city-wide famous street parade.  It was on Belvedere Street in Cole Valley and it was awesome! Parents and kids were dressed up in everything you could think of and every house on the street went all out! People even painted elaborate backdrops to hang in their windows and put on dance shows!  It seems like there’s an entirely different energy in the fall.  People are out and about, the shops are packed and you start to get that first feeling that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s awesome!

I got to experience my first ever Thanksgiving last year and I was really surprised! It really is a holiday to get together with everyone…and eat! It was such a nice change to get together, not worrying about gifts and trees and decorations (not that that stuff worries me, I LOVE it) and just enjoy some quality time with family and friends.  We had thanksgiving back on Long Island with Chris’s family and I’m really hoping we can swing it to make it again this year.  I love family time!

While Fall for the rest of the country brings excitement at the promise of some relief from insanely hot weather, that’s not quite the case in the city by the bay!

September and October are generally San Francisco’s ‘Indian Summer’.  The fog breaks up, and finally the skies are sunshiny and blue blue blue! This wasn’t quite the case in September this year with the fog actually being worse than June and July! But October 1st rolls around and…hello summer!

The skies are blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and life is sweet!

While walking the little guy that I mind (I’ve been a nanny for two kids for over a year now) I couldn’t help thinking that today is a very, very good day to be alive! I hope you’re all somewhere thinking the same thing.


See ya later!

PS It took me a while to understand why people always said ‘spring forward, fall back’ and now I get it! I’m special.


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