Runnin’ 4 Good!

This morning I woke up with a headache right in my right temple, ouch! I knew I had two options to try and get rid of it, 1. Stay in bed and sleep it off, or 2. Get up and get some endorphins pumping.  Since number 2 was on my list for today anyway, I figured I’d kill two birds with one workout!

The gym wasn’t seeming appealing at all this morning, neither were any of my assorted workout DVD’s (I’m a junkie!).  I remembered reading on Twitter about a September running goal set up by Saucony’s Run4Good foundation.  Since I looked at the calendar on my phone and today is September 30th, the last day of the month! I figured this was a great option to get me moving.

 The mission statement on the Run4Good page states;

‘The Saucony Run For Good Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children by helping to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. We act to inform the public about its cause and prevention and provide funding to optimize the impact and success of community organizations that promote running and healthy lifestyle programs for youth’.  What better reason to get out and about on a beautiful Sunday morning (yes, it really is beautiful this morning! The sun is shining! Come onnn heaaaatwave!).

I downloaded the Run4Good app on my phone after lots of troubles seeing as the app isn’t available on the Australian version of itunes and my phone and computer weren’t set up to purchase in the US.  Hmmm, it took me a while but I figured it out and got it all downloaded.  Fixing Apple issues isn’t as easy now that I don’t live so close to my big bro Matty, he’s an Apple genius! Not really, he is! He has a badge and everything.

Anyway, technical difficulties sorted, I was ready to go!

Not geeky at all!

Now, let me preface this by saying that I am not a naturally gifted long distance runner.  I was strictly a short distance girl growing up.  I would run in the 100m and the 4X100m relay and that was pretty much it, as well as hockey (of the field variety), where I suppose I did cover some decent ground but I never noticed because it wasn’t just me and the pavement!

I have been thinking lately though, and mentioned to Chris, that when we are back from Hawaii I want to train for, and run in my first race!  Probably a 5K! Yay!

I decided I would head out this morning and run a route that I usually take Annie for walks on that goes down to AT&T park and back.  About 3 minutes into my run, disaster struck! My earphones decided to s#@% the bed! The music started to cut in and out and my sweet running jams sounded more like this "e-e-rytime-y-o-u-c-r-yy" (yes I was listening to Human Nature and John Farnham!) and to make it worse, it was only coming out of one ear, not ideal! But I suffered through it, ‘think of the kids!’

Music glitch aside, I was surprised when I got to our usual turn around spot and I was feeling pretty darn good! I decided to keep going a little bit further before turning around and running home. 

I think there’s something really special about running.  Something cool about the fact that it’s your body, carrying your body.  No wheels, no pulley’s, nothin’ fancy…just you and yourself!

When I made it back to the front door, I hit ‘end run’ on the app and checked my stats! I was pretty proud of myself!

3.3 Miles/5.3K’s! Not too shabby!

Sweaty mess, and feeling good!

Running is definitely on my list of ‘Things I should do more often’. 

Well, I am off to get showered and get my day started.  I’m hoping it will include lots of sunshiny goodness!

  If there’s something you have on your ‘Things I should do more often’ list and you’ve been putting it off, why not make today the day?! You can do it!

Happy day everyone!

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