Glen Canyon Park

When Chris got home from surfing today (apparently not a great day, sorry doll!) we decided to take the hound out on a nice hike somewhere.  I had wanted to do this last weekend but we got tied up with wedding jobs.  This weekend is seeming to be pretty wedding-lite!

I jumped on the googles to do some searches for nice looking hikes close by to our neighbourhood that we hadn’t been to before.  We found a post on Bay Area Hiker about Glen Canyon Park that mentioned two key things; 1. Dog friendly 2. Lots of eucalyptus trees.  Our old neighbourhood in San Francisco was at the base of Mt Sutro which was completely planted all over with eucalypts and was walking distance to our apartment, ahh Cole Valley.  I love walking amongst eucalyptus, the look and the smell remind me so much of Australia and the distance between me and my island home feels just that little bit smaller.

The eucalyptus did not disappoint!

This park was a great find.  It had lots of little winding paths to choose from that took you up and around the sides of the canyon.  There were also little nooks and crannies that felt like mini secret gardens.  We were very impressed!

Annie had lots of fun running around and generally being the adventure poodle that she is.  Annie is surprisingly agile and adventurous for a little dog.  She loves going on hikes, takes stairs like a champion and crosses creeks on log bridges.  This is the same dog that rolls off the couch… go figure! 

After out hiking we stopped into downtown Glen Park for a snack attack.  Frozen yogurt with all the toppings for me and a smoothie for Chris, and headed on to hike two of our hike-crawl.  I had never been up to Bernal Heights and Bernal Hill before (it’s the big brown mound you can see from pretty much everywhere in the city).  Well, it was awesome! Great views of the city and there were lots of people and pooches out enjoying a little bit of late afternoon sunshine even though it was brisk!  It was a really nice afternoon!

Now Annie is basically in a coma she’s so exhausted, so we are going to hang low for a while.  Have a nice Saturday night everyone!

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