‘Buck’le Up!

Well, the sun is still shining and it’s a beautiful day out there!

Chris and I both felt like sandwiches for lunch today.  Since we have zero  very little food at our house, we decided to leash up Annie girl and walk her down to the sandwich shop just down the street.  Great idea! Let’s go! When we got to the sandwich shop, however, it was closed, bugger. And so the great sandwich hunt began!

Our neighbourhood is very frustrating lunch-wise on the weekends! Besides the two cafe’s that have lines of people around the corner to get in, most other places are closed…at lunchtime…on Saturday and Sunday! Craziness! We really shouldn’t have been surprised though because this has happened to us on numerous occasions before.  After exhausting all other options, we ended up at our backup place.  It’s an ok place, the sandwiches are pretty good and it’s open…sold!

I opted for the ‘Power Sandwich’; organic peanut butter, honey and organic apple slices and a deeeeliiisshh martinellis apple juice (the all time best!).  Chris had the ‘Hurricane’ which was BBQ beef, gouda and bacon, mmmm bacon.

Powering up!

Mmmmmm Martinellis! I definitely did not wait until I got home to break this baby open.  It’s that good!

On the walk home from grabbing our sanga’s (sandwiches in Aussie English) Chris and I were talking about how much we liked the movie we watched last night.  It was called ‘Buck’ and was a documentary on the life of Buck Brannaman, the real life horse whisperer.  Most of you have probably heard of the horse whisperer and watched the movie when it came out (not me!) but if you haven’t watched ‘Buck’, I highly recommend it.

It was really amazing to see this man have such an incredible relationship with, and respect for horses.  It really is like he was placed on this planet just to do what he does.

The story of his life was most definitely one of sadness and torment, but to see the way that he developed and overcame it was inspiring.

Throughout the movie, there is a constant reference to getting back from a horse, what you give to it.  Seeing the way this worked for Buck has had me thinking about it in terms of general life ever since.  The sense of calm and the constant respect that this man shows to the horses leads to horses that are calm and respectful back to him. 

The message of ‘you only get back what you put it’ is one that’s pretty common, and is usually used in terms of the amount of effort you give to something, but I think it goes much further than that.  I think if you want the people around you to be respectful, to be kind, considerate and patient then you have to put that out to the people around you.  I don’t think you can truly expect the best from people if you’re not giving your best to them.  It’s definitely going to be something to keep in mind.

If you’re interested in reading about the movie or Buck a little bit more, check it out here.

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Chris and I have plans with our friends Jessica and Dylan this afternoon to hang out with their newest addition, one month old Mac! I haven’t seen Mac since he was a week old and I’m excited for some bebe cuddles.

Then it’ll be Sunday night football with the New York Football Giants!

Seeeee ya later!

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3 thoughts on “‘Buck’le Up!

  1. Denise

    This is great Fizz! Your take on life giving you respect when you give it respect is so very true. Generosity of spirit is one of the most important things you can teach, and the greatest thing to learn. As Great Nanny used to say ” you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar”. Go enjoy your day. Love you mum xx

    1. fizzhiser Post author

      Thanks Mum, it really was a great movie and really made me think twice about what I’m sending out into the world. Ahh great nanny was a wise one, “let air be free where ere you be, for the stoppage of wind was the death of me!” haha! xx

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